Prevent Marriage Break-up Through Vedic Astrology Remedies

The relationship of the husband and wife is of soul. Therefore, even if one is upset from the other, the love and affection between them never dies and remains intact. But sometimes conflicts occur in this relationship of love between husband and wife that may try to create differences and affects the love they share in their relationship. In this situation, they should use astrological remedies that may help overcome the differences in their relationship.

Remedy to Increase Sweetness of Behavior
When husband and wife start taking each other for granted or the sweetness in their relationship is getting reduced, it may affect the happiness of their married life. In this situation, one can use the mantra given below as the remedy and chant it to increase the harmony in their relationship:

“गरल सुधा रिपु करहिं मिलाई
गोपद सिंधु अनल सितलाई”!

Chant this Mantra everyday 3, 5 or 11 rounds of a wreath until the situation becomes normal. Chant this Mantra in a peaceful place by sitting on a woolen blanket.

After chanting this Mantra everyday, the person should request and pray to his family god to maintain harmony in their relationship.

Remedy to Prevent the Breaking up of Relationship
If conflicts occur between husband and wife or they are separated from each other or there is a possibility of break up of marriage, in that situation, the person can use the remedies to maintain the happiness of married life.

This remedy should be performed on Friday in Shukla Paksha during the auspicious position of Moon in the birth chart. The place where you are going to perform this remedy should be clean and pure. Wash it with Ganga water before you start performing the remedy. Sit on a woolen blanket of red color facing towards the north direction.

After that, worship goddess Parvati and chant the mantra mentioned below. Every time you chant the mantra, offer green lentils to the goddess. After chanting of Mantra, pray to goddess Parvati or your family god to help maintain the peace and happiness in your married life.

Take a square-shaped wooden box. Fold a red color cloth for four times and put it on that box. Also put the picture of goddess Parvati and light a diya of pure ghee on its right hand side and put 108 green lentils in a bowl.

Offer all the green lentils to goddess parvati and then revolve it around yourself for seven times and feed to birds.

Perform this remedy regularly for 21 or 31 days with full faith and purity of feelings. Things will soon get improved and settled down.

The Mantra which is recited while performing the remedy is:

“धां धीं धूं धूर्जटे पत्नी वां वीं वूं वागधीश्वरी
क्रां क्रीं क्रूं कालिका देवि शां शीं शूं मे शुभं कुरु” ।
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