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Vedic Astrology Remedies to Reduce Stress in Married Life

Conflicts or arguments between husband and wife is a natural phenomenon. But, they need to resolve it for happy married life and maintaining love and affection in their married life.

Sometimes the person tries to resolve the problems and arguments but his efforts fail and a small argument becomes a major issue.

Astrology provides various remedies to resolve the problems of married life. These remedies will help you persuade your partner and maintain harmony in your relation.

Method to Perform Remedies
Chant or worship on a woolen blanket near your place of worship or at a lonely place in east direction. Chant the mantra for 5 rounds of a wreath and pray for the repentance of the mistake for the person who is performing the remedy and also for resolving the issues and conflicts with life partner so that they could live happily and maintain a harmonious relationship.

Chant the mantra for 11 or 21 days regularly following the remedy mentioned above. This will help resolve your issues with your spouse. While performing this remedy, the person should be aware of and understand that he will not repeat the mistake due to which problems arised in their married life.

Mantra Related to the Remedy:

ऊँ दमयन्तीनलाभ्यां च नमस्कारं करोभ्यहम
अभिवादो भवेदत्र कलिदोषप्रशान्तिद:

Remedy to Reduce the Stress in Relationship
When there are some serious issues in the relationship of husband and wife, this remedy will help resolve them. Chant the mantra mentioned below. This mantra gives its fruitful results if chanted solemnly at a peaceful place sitting on a woolen blanket.

This Mantra is chanted using a wreath everyday for 5 or 11 rounds.

If a person feels that there is a lot of stress and problems disrupting his married life then he will get favorable results by chanting this Mantra using a wreath for 11 rounds. After chanting this Mantra for 11 rounds, the person should worship his family god and pray to resolve the conflict and promise not to repeat his mistake.

During this remedy and the period of chanting Mantra, the person should be true to himself. He should avoid telling lies, harming others, getting angry or using wrong words against others. This will yield fruitful result of Chanting. This remedy gives very auspicious and favorable results if performed for 21 days.

The Auspicious Mantra for this Remedy:
सब नर करहि परस्पर प्रीति
चलहि स्वधर्म निरत श्रुति निति
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