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Effects of Retrograde Saturn in your life - Vakri Shani

Vedic astrology never said that luck is the only track to achieve success in the life. Although, it is well said in Vedic astrology that Karmas can change the destiny of a person. People who are not able to get much assistance from their luck will be able to achieve heights of the success through their acts.

Saturn is a planet of justice and punishment in all the planets. There is a belief that Saturn gives results in its Dasha and Antardasha according to the Karma of a person, but, if Saturn which is the Karaka planet of Karma is in the retrograde position then results would be different. Let’s see what are the results of Saturn while it is retrograde.

Retrograde Saturn in the House of Education
The fifth house is the house of knowledge, education, recognition and love. If retrograde Saturn is located in this house then Saturn may reduce the strength of Karaka elements of the fifth house .
Retrograde Saturn delays the marriage and its influence can create obstacles in the married life. The person who has this Yoga would be involved in gambling, speculation and lottery. Yogas for money loss will form in his birth-chart. He may be harsh by nature.

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Retrograde Saturn in the House of Disease
The person who has this Yoga would be aggressive by nature. If Saturn is retrograde in the horoscope of a person then he may perform immoral acts which can harm the society. He would be ambitious in the money matters and may be lazy by nature. If it is placed in the exalted sign or in its own sign then he would be able to defeat his enemies. He will achieve higher position in his profession.

Retrograde Saturn in the House of Marriage
The person might not form long-term relations in any field due to retrograde Saturn. If this Yoga happens in the house of a marriage then the person may be suspicious. He may always try to find mistakes in others and consider himself as a superior from others. This yoga can delay the marriage of a person. Retrograde Saturn in the house of marriage will make a person fortunate after his marriage.

Retrograde Saturn in the House of Income
If Saturn is situated in the eighth house in the retrograde position then he may face much troubles in his life. The person would be a scholar due to this Yoga. He would be able to do new experiments in his life according to his abilities and try to change old traditions and methods into the modern culture and new procedures. The person who has this Yoga should not involve in the unsocial acts.

Retrograde Saturn in the House of Luck
Placement of retrograde Saturn in the house of luck will make a person reckless. He would be stubborn by nature. He should not get involved in others disputes and should tries to dominate others. He does not give much importance to other’s ideas and thoughts

Retrograde Saturn in the House of Karma
If Retrograde Saturn is situated in the tenth house then the person may misuse his rights in his profession. He would be unwary towards his duties. Possibilities to get higher post in the occupation will form in the birtth-chart of a person. But, he may fell down in his career once in his life. Most of the times, retrograde Saturn gives auspicious results to the person.

Retrograde Saturn in the House of Benefits
The person would be obstinate and may not have sweet relations with his relative and friends. He would like to get appreciation from others due to this Yoga. Love relations may not be fruitful for him. He may not have much sweetness in his relations.

Saturn in Retrograde in the house of Expenses
This Yoga makes a person nostalgic towards spiritual activities. He may not have much happiness in his life. He may get tensed because of his enemies. He may travel a lot in his life due to presence of this Yoga. This Yoga does not give much fruits to the person.
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