The Qualities of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Since ages, the vedic scriptures has always inspired the person to perform good karmas. Astrology also believes in karmas over destiny. All the vedic scriptures including Shree Mad Bhagvat Geeta gives primacy to karmas and inspires all to perform good deeds or karmas. Saturn is the karak planet of Karma among all the nine planets of Astrology.

Saturn has been given the tenth place or the lordship of eleventh house i.e. the house of benefits in the birth chart of kaal-purush. Saturn has been accorded the rightful position of both the houses and the propriety to let people know and understand the relationship between karmas and profits.

It is appropriate to understand the role of Saturn in the birthchart before Saturn's Sadesati.

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Various Names of Saturn

Saturn is known for different names in different languages. It is called Johal in Arabic, Kedvaan in Farsi, Aseet in Sanskrit and various other names such as Mand Shanedhar, SuryaPutra, Akraputra, Chayasun, Sori, taranitnaya, Pangu, Neelkaya, Krur, Krishang, Kapilaksha, Yamagraj, Bhaskari, Akri, Yam, Neel, Thavar etc.

Karak elements of Saturn

Saturn is the karak planet of obstacles, imprisonment, income, problems, long-term diseases, arguments, sorrows, death, service, chandal, physical challenged, longevity, spirits, fire, behavior, liers, air, old age, muscles, aggressiveness, hard-work, dirtiness, home, untidy clothes, immoral thoughts, immoral company, sin, cruelness, ash, black color, grains, lameness, necessities of life and agricultural works.

It is also the karak planet of vengeful life, night duties, digging, mine works, masons, designing of automobiles and candles, coalmining, law and order, kerosene oil, life insurance company, supreme court, chief justice, foreign information, disappointments, breakage of bones, paralysis, tuberculosis, body shivering etc.

Saturn is also the lord of bankruptcy, loss, boundages, legal proceedings, animosity, fear of king, resignation letter, pain in arms, smuggling and spying. Expulsion, poverty and bad luck are attributed to Saturn. Saturn is a little shorter than Jupiter in size or shape. It is the lord of the west direction.

Structure of Saturn

Saturn is rough, have dry hair, giant in shape and have dark complexion and aggressive in nature. It is described as insensitive, dull, pale eyes, angry look and tall in height. Saturn reduces morality in the native's behavior, due to its influence in the native's chart he feels sad and disappointed and takes interest in gambling and immoral activities.

Placement of Saturn

Air, mountains, hills, forest areas and dirty areas are under the influence of Saturn. Crematorium stadium, cemetery, prison and old age belongs to Saturn. Valleys, desert area, mountains, coal mines, dirty places, infertile land are the area of influence of Saturn.

Gram dal, oats mustard oil and hemp represents Saturn.

Joints, feet and knees represents Saturn in Human body. When Saturn is malefic the person may suffer from severe body pain, teeth pain, breathing problems, hysteria and fits.

Qualities of Saturn

Saturn is the karak planet of consciousness. Saturn represents conscience of the person. Saturn also represents practical thoughts, desires, balancing at work. Saturn is the indicator of similar views and opinions. Independence, concentration power, focus at work, patience, will-power, moral character, attentiveness, thoughtfulness and capacity to work are the attributes of Saturn.

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