Moon According to the KP Astrology

Sun is considered as the king and Moon as the Queen of all the planets. Moon represents affection and calmness. The place of Moon and Mother is same in the KP Kundali because they both are the karak of love and happiness.

Moon is the lord of water and other liquid elements. That is the reason why blood circulation and the peptic acid in our body are under the influence of Moon. Moon is the karak of Heart and Mental stability and the lord of the left eye.

Qualities of Moon according to KP Astrology
The general qualities of Moon are gentleness, coldness, water, steam and change in motion. People of this sign likes traveling a lot. Moon is combined with sixteen types of creative arts therefore it has a strong influence on the beauty and field of art and crafts. Moon increases the interest of the person in music and dance.

The auspicious influence of Moon in the birth chart makes the person gentle and soft in nature. The position of Moon is also analysed for topics related to land, mother-land or property.

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Effects of Moon on Health according to KP Astrology
Due to the inauspicious effects of Moon the person may get mental stress, heart problems, gastric problems, cough, cold, restlessness and other diseases related to cough.

Professions related to Moon according to KP Astrology
When Moon forms a relationship with the tenth house in the birth chart the person may have interest in irrigation works. The areas under the influence of Moon are water supply department, fishery department, Navy, business related to things found under sea water or land such as kerosene oil, petrol etc.

Moon is also analysed to assess loss or profit in the work related to flowers and nursery of plants and the business of liquid and juices. Moon also has its influence on the house of social activities therefore it is analysed for social and charitable activities and the profession of nurse in the native’s chart.

Items of Moon according to KP Astrology
According to Krishnamurthy system the items of Moon are citrus fruits, sugarcane, safron, maize etc. Silver and silver plated products, pearl and camphor are also the items of Moon.

The fishery department is also related to Moon. When Moon forms a relationship with the house of profession the person earn his livelihood through the profession related to these products or items.

Places under the influence of Moon according to KP Astrology
All the hill stations, water resources, tanks, well, forest, greenery, business related to milk products, cow, milk dairy, refrigerator, place to keep drinking water and water tap are under the influence of Moon. Kitchen also comes under the area of Moon because water is kept in the kitchen too. Moon is the lord of the fourth house.

Animals of Moon according to KP Astrology
All the pets are under the influence of Moon like dog, cat, white tailed-mouse, duck, tortoise and fish.

Plants of Moon according to KP Astrology
Sugarcane, cabbage, cucumber, watermelon, fox nuts, water chest nuts and the other plants found under water are related to Moon.
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