How to do the Diwali Puja : Diwali Puja Vidhi

The Laxmi pujan is the highlight of the Deepavali. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is invited into eveyr office and every home on this day. The householders and the business folks pray to the goddess for financial prosperity and wealth in the coming year. Even the tantriks and the Sadhus consider this a special day and do specials siddhis and tantric rituals on this day.

Pradosh Kala Muhurta

On 5th November 2010 the Pradosha kala will have the Stationery sign Taurus from 6.03 in the evening till 7.58 PM. The time from 6.03 PM to 8.22 PM is suitable for puja of lord Shri Ganesh, Shri Mahalaxmi, Kuber, trade accounts, donation of Diyas, and giving gift to subordinates. You should be prepared with Diya-donation, Rangolis and Puja material during the Pradosha Kala. This period is also good for ditstributing Mithai. You may also draw the swastik, and the Shubh-Labh symbols with Vermillion during this period.

Material Required for Diwali Puja

  • 1. The idols of Shri Mahalaxmi and Shri Ganesh in sitting position.

  • 2. Saffron, Roli, Rice, Pan, Supari (betel-nut), fruits, flowers, milk, Kheel, Batashe, Sindoor (Vermillion), Coins, Cloves.

  • 3. Dry-fruits, Mithai, Curd, Ganges-Water, Dhoop-batti, Agar-batti, 11 Diyas

  • 4. Cotton-wool, dried Coconut, and a Copper kalash (vessel).

Preparing for Diwali Poojan

Place the statues of Laxmi and Ganesh on the Chowki such that they face either the east or the west direction and Laxmi ji is to the right of Ganesh ji. The person making the prayers must be in front of the idols. Keep the kalash on a pile of rice in front of Laxmi ji. Wrap the coconut in red cloth such that you can see the front portion of the coconut. The kalash is a symbol for lord Varun.

Create a ‘Shri’ symbol near Laxmiji and a trishul near lord Ganesh. Make a pile of some rice then make 9 smal piles of the rice. Keep three thalis and the kalash filled with water in front of the small chowki. Keep the following material in the thalis:

  • 11 diyas in the first.

  • Kheel, Batashe, Mithai, clothes, ornaments, Sandal-paste, Vermillion, Betel-nut, in the second thali.

  • Flowers, Rice, Cloves, Cardamoms, Saffron, Camphor, paste of Turmeric and Chuna (edible lime), scented items, dhoop-batti, agarbatti and one diya in the third thali.

The person performing the prayers must sit before the thalis, the family members must be towards the left and the others must sit behind the family members.

Laxmi Pooja Vidhi

Take Akshat, flowers and water in your hand. Take some coins / money also. Now chant the Sank-Sankalp mantra and take the sankalp that I, your name, belong to, your place, during your time is going to perform prayers to your deity which may give me the full results as per the Shastras.

Perform the pujan of lord shri Ganesh and then goddess Laxmi.

Take some water in your hand and say the Ahwaan (calling) and the pooja mantras and then cast the pooja material onto the idols. Take Akshat and flowers in your hand and then say the Navagraha Strota. End the puja with the Mahalaxmi Arti.

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