Mrityu Yog in kundli

Mrityu or Death is a universal truth. Those who are born into this living world have to die one day. The time, cause and place of death is already decided in a Kundali. Astrology, however, throws some light on the type of death a native will get. There are certain Yogas in Kundali which indicate the type of death a person is going to face. Astrologically to see the time of death, we generally see the timing through Maraka Dasha.

The Marakas:

  • The Eighth House from Lagna represents Ayusthan or longevity of the native. Eighth from eighth is the third house from Lagna also signifies longevity according to Bhavat Bhavam principle.

  • The twelfth house from any house represents the loss of the house in consideration. Twelfth house from eight is seventh and from third, it is the second house. Hence the seventh house and second houses are called Maraka houses and their Lords as Maraka planets.

  • Normally Dasha, Antardasha of Pratyantar Dasha period of Maraka planets inflict death to the native. It does not matter if the planet is natural benefic or malefic.

The mystery of the eighth house

Twenty-second Drekkna Lord and sixty-fourth Navamsa Lord from the Moon are also direly inauspicious. Lord of Trik houses can also inflict death to the native.

Lord of the eighth house and the planets positioned in the eighth house also are the cause of death. The eighth house if occupied by:

  • Sun then death will take place due to fire or burning.

  • Moon then death will take place due to water.

  • Mars then death will take due to an injury or weapon.

  • Mercury then death will take place due to fever.

  • Jupiter then death will take place due to diseases.

  • Venus then death will take place due to hunger.

  • Saturn then death will take place due to thirst.

As such it is very difficult to exactly calculate a person’s longevity, however, if it has been concluded that if there is no Maraka period then Saturn can take the role of death inflicting planet.

Saturn's Role

  • Saturn signifies longevity even when placed in the eighth house.

  • But when it is badly placed or influenced or ill-disposed due to his Lordship of an inauspicious house, it will cause a lot of harm to Saturn’s intrinsic ability to give longevity to the native.

  • When Saturn is related to the Maraka planet then it becomes Maraka itself surpassing all other planets.

Twelfth Lord’s Connection

  • Sometimes the death may occur when even when the time of Maraka has not arrived.

  • Lord of the twelfth house is called Antya or terminal and signifies Moksha Karaka which releases the native from the cycle of birth and death.

  • Therefore when the twelfth Lord is related to the second, seventh or eighth house these houses to signify death.

Rahu/Ketu as Marakas:

  • When Rahu and Ketu is placed in Lagna, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from Markesha or in conjunction with Markesha then both these planets become Markesha themselves and give results in their Dasha or Antardasha.

  • Rahu turns into Maraka for Capricorn and Scorpio ascendant.

  • Rahu gives pain and misery in his Dasha.

The third house and cause of death:

  • Strong Sun placed in the third house from ascendant causes death by punishment from the king or government.

  • Moon situated in the third house will cause death due to consumption.

  • Mercury in the third house will cause death due to fever.

  • Mars in the third house will cause ulcers, injury from fire or weapon.

  • Saturn and Rahu in conjunction or aspect to the third house will cause death due to poisoning, fall from heights, fire.

  • Jupiter in the third house will cause death by tumours or swelling.

  • Venus in the third house will cause death due to urinary problems.

  • If the third house is occupied by many planets the death will take place due to many diseases.

Place of death from the third house

  • Death takes place in an auspicious place like temple if it is beneficial in the third house.

  • On the other hand, it takes place in a sinful place if it's malefic in the third house.

  • Jupiter and Venus in the third house indicates death at home and the native will be conscious at the time of death.

  • A moveable sign in the third house will indicate death in a foreign land, in a fixed sign it will occur at home and in a dual sign, it will occur on the way.

Moon as a factor for death

Moon controls the mind and due to waning and waxing of the Moon, it will have an impact on the thinking process of the native. Afflicted Moon tends to create situations for suicide specially during Amavasya, full Moon or Ekadashi.

Death due to injury may take place when:

  • Saturn is in the fourth house, Moon is in the seventh house and Mars is in the tenth house of a Kundali.

  • Sun and Moon in Virgo and aspected by malefics.

  • Ascendant is a dual sign and Sun and Moon are in the ascendant.

  • Moon in Paap Kartari Yoga in Aries or Scorpio sign.

  • Fifth and ninth houses are occupied by malefics and there are no aspect of benefics.

  • Sun or Mars is placed in the fourth house and Saturn is placed in the tenth house.

  • The Sun is in the ascendant, Mars is in the fifth house, Saturn is in the eighth house and weak Moon will cause death by falling from a hilltop.

If Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mars in the eighth from ascendant or in a trine the death will take place in a motor accident.

There are many more combinations given in books of astrology which needs an able astrologer to read it accurately. Some of these are based on the timing of Mrityu Yoga are given below.

Astrologers say that the inauspicious Yogas are called inauspicious because they are unfavourable and create obstacles in auspicious and important work. However, sometimes an inauspicious Yoga can give favourable results.

If your objectives are revenge, stealing, looting or kidnapping etc. Mrityu Yoga is one of the inauspicious Yogas formed with the combination of date and day.

Let us see how this Yoga is created:

  • If Nanda Tithi or Pratipada i.e. sixth or eleventh fall on Sunday or Tuesday it is considered inauspicious.

  • Second, seventh, twelfth are Bhadra Tithis, if any of them fall on a Monday or Friday then Mrityu Yoga is created.

  • Jaya Tithi i.e. third, eighth and thirteenth create the Mrityu Yoga if combined with Wednesday.

  • In Astrology, fourth, ninth and fourteenth are known as Rikta Tithis. If any of these dates fall on Thursday then inauspicious Mrityu Yoga is created.

  • Purna tithis are fifth, tenth, full Moon (Poornima) or no Moon (Amavasya). If these dates fall on Saturday then too the inauspicious Mrityu Yoga is created.

Mrityu Yoga is considered very inauspicious Yoga in Astrology. You should avoid doing any auspicious work during this Yoga. If you are planning any journey then you should postpone it, because this yoga is not good for travelling.

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