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Mrityu Yog in kundli

Astrologers say that the inauspicious Yogas are called inauspicious because they are unfavorable and create obstacles in auspicious and important work. However, sometimes an inauspicious Yoga gives favorable results if your objectives are revenge, stealing, looting or kidnapping etc. Mrityu Yoga is one of the inauspicious Yogas formed with the combination of date and day.

Let us see how this Yoga is created:

  • If Nanda Tithi or Pratipada i.e. sixth or eleventh fall on Sunday or Tuesday it is considered inauspicious.

  • Second, seventh, twelfth are Bhadra tithis, if any of them fall on Monday or Friday then Mrityu Yoga is created.

  • Jaya tithi i.e. third, eighth and thirteenth create the Mrityu Yoga if combined with Wednesday.

  • In Astrology, fourth, ninth and fourteenth are known as Rikta tithis. If any of these dates fall on Thursday then inauspicious Mrityu Yoga is created.

  • Purna tithis are fifth, tenth, full Moon (Poornima) or no Moon (Amavasya). If these dates fall on Saturday then too the inauspicious Mrityu Yoga is created.

Mrityu Yoga is considered very inauspicious Yoga in Astrology. You should avoid doing any auspicious work during this Yoga. If you are planning any journey then you should postpone it, because this yoga is not good for traveling.
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