Rahu According to the KP Astrology

Rahu is a planet which is known for causing separation. Astrology gives Rahu-ketu respect as of planets due to their deep and long lasting effects on the native’s life. Rahu influence and deflect the person from his traditions and values. Therefore when Rahu has its influence on the Ascendant house the person gets inclined towards non-traditional activities. The person does not take interest in his family values and traditions.

Influence and Results of Rahu according to the KP Astrology
In Krishnamurti method, the planet which aspects Rahu is analysed to assess the results of Rahu. It gives results firstly, according to the planet which aspects it. Secondly The person according to the planet which is placed with Rahu. Lastly, Rahu give its results according to the lord of the sign in which it is located.

According to the Krishnamurthi system of Astrology Rahu transits in direct position because it is always retrograde in the birth chart. Rahu does not change its position therefore it is considered to be direct in motion. The person need to be careful while making predictions of Rahu.

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Qualities of Rahu  according to the KP Astrology
Rahu is known as the face of snake. It is considered that Rahu is present in toxic chemicals. The tasks in which toxic acids or poison are used come under the influence of Rahu. Rahu lacks faith, in short, the relationship of the house with any planet in which Rahu is placed cause problems for the native. Presence of Rahu in the house which also forms a relationship with any other planet is not reliable and cause problems for the native.

Influence of Rahu on the second house may deflect the person to tell lies. Rahu is considered aggressive in nature. The person who is affected by Rahu is inclined to harm others. He likes to be alone and face problems to abide by the social conduct.

Rahu and its Relationship with other houses according to the KP Astrology
Influence of Rahu on the house of religion reduces the faith of the person in spirituality. In this position of Rahu the person and his father may have difference of opinions. Similarly, when Rahu is in the seventh house the person may get into arguments and conflicts with his spouse.

If Rahu is in the third house the person may not have reliable friends who may also cheat on him at some point of time. Due to which the person may not be able to get the support of his siblings and relatives.

Features of Rahu according to the KP Astrology
Rahu is known for using harsh words. Therefore the person who is influenced by Rahu do not trust anyone and has a suspicious nature. The planet which aspects Rahu influence the results of Rahu.

Professions of Rahu according to the KP Astrology
The main profession of Rahu is the business of medicines which are made of poison or toxins. All types of medicines and their manufacturing business come under the influence of Rahu. The work which may try to influence or harm others also categorized in the list of professions of Rahu. The work to analyse birth and death rate or service in prison also under the influence of Rahu because Rahu is known as the planet of bondages.

Business fields of Rahu according to the KP Astrology
Production of chemicals is one of the professions of Rahu. Carbon and Magnet are the items of Rahu therefore the profession related to these items belongs to Rahu. Rahu is considered to give results equivalent to Saturn therefore the professions of Saturn are categorized among the professions of Rahu.

Places of Rahu according to the KP Astrology
Bog, tacky areas, crematorium stadium and unpopulated areas are the areas of Rahu. The poisonous plants are ruled by Rahu. Snake is the animal of Rahu and crow is the bird of Rahu.
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