Impact of Rahu's Transit with other planet on your life

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and they are not given the lordship of any sign. They give results according to their location in a specific sign. The planet or house which is influenced by Rahu and Ketu becomes malefic.

Transit of Rahu through Sun
When Rahu transits through Sun in the birth chart then the relations of the person with his father or children may get affected. Sun represents healthy body. If Rahu transits through this planet, the health of the person may get affected.

Transit of Rahu through Moon
This transit of Rahu may lead to health problems. This period of transit may increase mental stress of the person. The person may feel disturbed and may get involved in conflicts. If Moon is malefic and period of Moon is also running in the birth chart, the person may suffer from mental diseases.

Transit of Rahu through Mars
During this transit, the person should try to control his anger. He should also be alert and careful while driving. The person should not misuse his powers and focus on moral and peaceful activities. This transit of Rahu may lead to conflicts with his younger siblings.

Transit of Rahu through Mercury
This Transit of Rahu through Mercury gives auspicious results to the person. Therefore, he should make the best use of this time for business purposes. This transit is also favorable to start working on new projects.

The positive influence of Mercury helps complete intellectual tasks. The person becomes more systematic and efficient at work. Due to the transit of Rahu, the relationship between these two planets will be auspicious for the person and he gets favorable results. The person gets the support of his friends and colleagues. If Mercury is affected by malefic influence the person may get opposite results.

Transit of Rahu through Jupiter
Transit of Rahu through Jupiter leads to change in the ideology of the person. This transit is auspicious for going on a pilgrimage and participating in spiritual activities. This transit is also favorable for policy-making.

The person is advised to follow the path of truth and morality to get auspicious results of this transit. This period may influence the person to earn money through immoral acts. Thus, the person should try to avoid such acts which may give rise to problems.

Transit of Rahu through Venus
During this transit, the person should try and work hard to earn wealth and prosperity. This is a favorable time to complete land or house related projects. It is also auspicious to own a vehicle. During this transit, the person should take care of his life-partner and her health.

Venus is related to creative items and Rahu with non-traditional arts. Therefore, when they both form a relationship, the person gets success in creative fields.

Transit of Rahu through Saturn
When Rahu transits through Saturn during birth, the person gets a chance to perform challenging activities. During this time, the person should not get involved into immoral activities and try to help others. The transit of Rahu through Saturn may not give a person success appropriate to his efforts.

Rahu also gives results according to its location in any sign. If Saturn and Jupiter form an aspect relationship or conjunction, the person gets relief from the inauspicious results of this transit.
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