Impact of Jupiter's Transit with other planet on your life

Saturn and Jupiter are slow moving planets. Jupiter takes a year to complete its transit through one sign while Saturn takes approximately 2½ years to transit through one sign. Therefore, these planets take a lot of time to transit through one sign. That is why, their results are also stable and last for a long time.

Jupiter is the most auspicious planet among all the planets in the birth chart. If it transits through any planet, sign or house, it gives auspicious results according to their karak elements. Planet Saturn is also known as Kaal. The house, planet or sign through which Saturn transits gives results according to their karak elements.

Let us know the results of Jupiter when it transits through different planets.

Transit of Jupiter through Sun
When Jupiter transits through Sun, the person gets economic benefits from the government departments. This transit is favorable for the person to get associated with government offices.

Transit of Jupiter gives sharp intellect and wisdom. But if Sun is not auspicious in the birth chart then the transit of Jupiter may increase aggressiveness and the person becomes harsh in nature. The malefic position of Sun may increase the mental stress of the person. If Sun is located in the Aries, the person wants to increase his knowledge during the transit of Jupiter.

Transit of Jupiter through Moon
When Jupiter transits through birth-Moon, the person may shift to another place. During this transit, the person may have to put a lot of efforts to complete his work due to which he may feel disturbed. The person may get obstacles in achieving success in his life. However, when Moon and Jupiter are placed in the birth chart, the person gets wealth and prosperity.

Transit of Jupiter through Mars
When Jupiter transits through Mars in the birth chart, the person may have a problem of high or low blood pressure. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars helps reduce the anger of the person.

If the person is suffering from any health problems the transit of Jupiter will help him get relief. This transit also forms marriage yoga for those who are unmarried. If in this yoga, Jupiter aspects the eleventh house, the person reaps a lot of benefits and is blessed with good health.

Transit of Jupiter through Mercury
Transit of Jupiter through Mercury gives the person success in academic field. During this time, the person may get good results in writing or through communication. This transit also helps the person to achieve success and respect. Both these planets are related to intelligence and knowledge, therefore, the person may get opportunity for apprenticeship at work front.

During this time, the person may have interest in academics and literature.

Transit of Jupiter through its Own Place
When Jupiter transits through its own place, the person gets fruitful results. Jupiter transits through its own place once in 12 years. During this transit, the person attends auspicious occasions. Those who are planning to get married will be able to fulfill their desire. This transit is also auspicious to get the happiness of children.

During this time, the person will be highly ambitious and will try his luck in different areas to achieve success and progress in life. The person may also expand his business. This transit is also favorable to participate in spiritual activities.

Transit of Jupiter through Venus
During the transit of Jupiter through birth-Venus, the person may get attracted towards creative arts. This transit will be auspicious for the person and his life-partner who will be blessed with good health.

His income may also increase, due to which he may have a lavish lifestyle. If during this yoga Venus forms a relationship with Rahu, the person will live a luxurious life.

Transit of Jupiter through Saturn
If Jupiter transits through Saturn in the birth chart, the person may get promotion in job. This yoga may increase your income and lead to transfer in job. Due to which, his problems may increase.

If Saturn is influenced by the malefic planets in the birth chart, his wealth may get affected. This transit also influences the economic status of the person.

Transit of Jupiter through Rahu
This transit may lead to the problems for the person. He will face difficulty in his work and has to work really hard to achieve success. Due to this transit, the person often feels stressed and disappointed.

Transit of Jupiter through Ketu
During this transit, the person becomes spiritual. This transit gives opportunities to participate in religious activities.
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