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The retrograde planets are considered malefic. It has been said that retrpgrade Saturn repeats its results. It is also said that sometimes a planet gives opposite or unnatural results during its retrograde position.

For example: The Ascendant lord is retrograde in the birth chart or in transit then the person may get health related problems. Saturn is the karak planet of Karmas but the retrograde Saturn makes the person lazy due to which he falls back in performing good karmas.

Let us move further in this discussion on Saturn and its results during retrograde position.

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Different Types of Motion of Saturn
Bhaskaracharya has mentioned about eight types of planetary motions which are given below:

“वक्रानुवक्रा कुटिला मन्दा मन्दतरा समा
तथा शीघ्रतरा शीघ्रा ग्रहाणामष्टदधा गति
तत्रतिशीघ्रा शीघ्रारंया मन्द मन्दतरा समा
ऋज्वीति पचधज्ञे या या वक्रा सानुवक्रगा”!

In other words, retrograde, semi-retrograde, shifty, slow, slowest, average, fast, fastest.
Among all these motions, semi-retrograde and shifty both come under retrograde position.

According to the famous text of “Saravalo” Saturn is harmful when it is stable and retrograde in the birth chart. But if it is in an inauspicious position, Saturn’s inauspiciousness gets decreased.

Retrograde Saturn in the house of Health
If Saturn is retrograde in the house of health the person may be stubborn and obstinate in nature. He may not like to compromise in his life. He is egoistic and have high self-esteem due to which he does not value the opinions of others. If Saturn is retrograde in Jupiter’s sign, in its own sign or in Libra the person should not leave his ego for his own happiness.

Retrograde Saturn in the house of Voice
The person of this yoga will live in foreign country. This person use harsh words and may bear a lot of problems due to this yoga. If Saturn is retrograde in the second house there will be conflicts in the native’s household. He may have to work really hard to get appropriate results. He should be careful and maintain friendly relations with others. This will help reduce the inauspiciousness of this yoga.

Retrograde Saturn in the house of Courage
If Saturn is retrograde in this house the person may be less courageous. He may not have good terms with his siblings. Saturn in the third house may affect the native’s relationship with his neighbors. He may also wander a lot. He may feel restless and may get deflected from his responsibilities and goals. He may also get disturbed from the tiny issues of life.

Retrograde Saturn in the house of Happiness
Position of Retrograde Saturn in this house makes the person emotional. He may have problems and conflicts in his house. He may also not get the desired love and affection of his mother. Due to some reasons his prestige and respect may get affected. He gets negative vibes. However if Saturn is retrograde and located in its own sign or exalted sign it gives happiness and prosperity to the person.
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