Hessonite - Gomed, The Gemstone of Rahu

Rahu is considered as an inauspicious planet similar to Saturn. In order to increase the auspicious influence, it is beneficial to wear the gemstone of Rahu instead of the gemstone of the lord of the house in which Rahu is located.

Inauspicious position of Rahu leads to the health and money problems. You can wear Gomed to reduce the inauspicious effects and increase the auspicious effects of Rahu. This gemstone is considered useful not only in astrology but also in other fields. We will know about the effects and qualities of Gomed in this article.

Gomed - Hessonite: The Gemstone of Rahu
Gomed should be worn to get the auspicious results of Rahu according to its position and placement in sign and houses. Gomed is auspicious to reduce the malefic influence of Rahu. Gomed is known by different names. It is called Gomedak (गोमेदक) and Pig Saftik in Sanskrit; in Hindi, it is called as Gomed; in Farsi as Jarkuniya and Gomed in English.

Properties of Gomed
The real Gomed gemstone looks shiny, beautiful, and charming. It looks like the eyes of an owl.

Harmful Effects of Artificial and Defective Gomed
If there is any defect in the Gomed, it may lead to the following harmful effects:

  • If there is no shine in Gomed, it may prove harmful especially for women.

  • Gomed of red color may increase health problems for the person.

  • Gomed without shine may affect the prestige of the person.

  • Multicolored Gomed may affect the economic status and wealth of the person.

  • If there are gridlines on Gomed, the happiness of the person may get affected.

  • If there is any black spot on Gomed, the family friends and children of the person may have problems.

  • If there are red or black spots in Gomed, the person may have accident risks.

Health Benefits of Gomed according to Vedic Asrology
In Ayurveda, Gomed is used to cure diseases of throat or gall bladder. It is also beneficial for treating tuberculosis, indigestion, skin and blood related diseases. You can use the ash of Gomed to increase your physical and mental strength.

Substitutes of Gomed
There are two substitutes of Gomed. One of the substitutes is Tursa which is light yellow in color, neat, shiny and smooth. The other one is Safi which is dust-colored and smooth. It is not very shiny, Akik can also be considered as its alternative.

Yogas for Wearing Gomed according to Vedic Asrology

  • If Rahu is in Sagittarius sign in ninth house, the person should wear Gomed.

  • If Rahu is in trine houses, the person should wear Gomed to get auspicious results of trine houses.

  • If placement of Rahu in the ascendant house and the ascendant lord is afflicted in the birth chart, the person should wear Gomed. This will also help reduce his health problems.

  • The person should wear Gomed when Rahu is in the tenth house or eleventh house.

  • The person who wants to join politics can wear this gemstone.

  • Gomed is also favorable for the person whose profession is related to advocacy, judiciary or policy making.

  • When Rahu is in the second, eighth or twelfth house, the person should not wear Gomed. When it is in the third, sixth or eleventh house and Mahadasha of Rahu is also running in the birth chart, the person should not wear Gomed.

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