Ruby – The Gemstone of Sun (Manik Gemstone for Surya)

Ruby gemstone is called by different names in different languages. It is known a s Padmaraga in Sanskrit, Rugal in Urdu, Manikya (माणिक्य)  in Hindi, Manik in Marathi, and Yakrit in Persian. The gemstone may be called by different names in different languages but its result remains the same. It is worn to reduce the malefic influence of Sun.

Color of Ruby
Generally, Ruby exists in red, pink, blood red and light pink colors. People usually identify the gemstones by their color. Most of them are under illusion regarding the gemstones. For example: Yellow colored stone is usually identified as Yellow sapphire, and blue stone as blue sapphire but reality is something else. There are many gemstones that are found in different colors. Ruby is mainly found in the shape of hexagon(having six sides).

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone according to Vedic Asrology
Ruby represents Sun, therefore, it can be worn to get auspicious results of Sun. Some of the results of Sun include the happiness of father, physical strength, strong position in politics, promotion, electricity, discipline, dedication etc. If you wear this gemstone in an auspicious Muhurta, you may get the results mentioned above. It is also beneficial for a person to wear Ruby if he wants strength to fight against diseases. If you are not getting the support of your colleagues at work, you can wear this gemstone to get favorable results.

Properties of Ruby Gemstone
Ruby is a precious stone and expensive than diamond. The Ruby does not tarnish even if you wear it for a long time. But keep it away from fire and high temperature, otherwise it may explode or crack or its shine may get reduced.

Effects of Ruby Gemstone on Health according to Vedic Asrology
In specific circumstances, Ruby is worn to increase the hemoglobin. Those who are physically weak should wear Ruby. The positive influence of Ruby helps reduce the gastric problems, stomach diseases and tuberculosis. Ruby is also worn for good health and physical strength.

Special Powers of Ruby Gemstone according to Vedic Asrology
Ruby also reduces negative thoughts of a person. There is a misconception about Ruby that if the person is facing problems or the stone is not suitable for him, the color of the stone gets changed. Ruby improves the economic status of the person and its positive influence also increases the faith of the person in spirituality.

Who should Wear Ruby Gemstone according to Vedic Asrology
Ruby is the stone of Sun. So when Sun is inauspicious in the birth chart, the person should wear Ruby to reduce his problems. Apart from this, it is also beneficial to wear the gemstone during the Mahadasha of Sun.

Ruby can be worn in the following circumstances:

  • If Sun is inauspicious in the Ascendant of the person's birth chart, he should wear Ruby to protect himself from health diseases. If Sun is in the fifth house, the person may face problems due to his elder child. In that situation, you can wear this stone to reduce such problems.

  • If Sun is in third house in the birth chart, the person may get problems related to his younger siblings. In this Yoga, Sun may aspect the ninth house from the third house which may affect his luck and he may not get the support of his luck.

  • When Sun is in second house of the birth chart and is influenced by the malefic planets, he may suffer from problems related to eyes. The person should take care of his eyes. His eye sight may become weak during the Mahadasha of Sun. Therefore, the person should wear Ruby in the beginning period of Sun to protect himself from such negative effects.

  • If Sun is in eighth house and is influenced by the malefic planets in the birth chart, the person should wear Ruby in the beginning period of Sun. The Sun of eighth house affects the longevity of the person and may also lead to the conflicts in the family.

  • If Sun is the lord of sixth house, the person should wear Ruby during the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Vimshottari dasha of Sun. This may have a positive influence on the person and he will be protected from the health problems due to Sun.

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