Emerald - The gemstone for Mercury (Panna for Planet Budh)

Emerald is the gemstone of Mercury. It is worn to reduce the malefic effects of Mercury. Emerald makes the person intellectual. Emerald is known by different names in different places. It is called Mercat and Haritmani in Sanskrit, Panna (पन्ना) in Hindi, Pachu in Marathi, Emerald in English, Jamuran in Farsi and many others.

Color of Emerald
The color of Emerald is dark green. Peacock green and light, parrot green are also the shades of Emerald. Dark green Emerald is auspicious for the person of gemini sign. Light green Emerald is auspicious for the person of Virgo sign. Emerald is found in the shape of a hexagon(six-sided).

Benefits of Emerald
Emerald is worn for intellect, speech, writing, education and creativity. It is also suitable for the person who wants to increase his knowledge in mathematics or his profession is related to astrology, palmistry, journalism, publishing, printing or law. The person who has a speech problem should wear Emerald.

It is also beneficial for the person who has a weak memory. It increases the interest of the person in intellectual activities. The students who face problems in mathematics should wear Emerald. It is also good for increasing proficiency in writing.

Properties of Emerald
Emerald looks very attractive. It is very difficult to find pure Emerald. Emerald of superior quality is more expensive than diamond. According to Vedic Astrology, Emerald contains one to two per cent water. We should be careful while embedding this gemstone in a ring otherwise it may break down. Emerald should be kept away from fire.

Health Benefits of Emerald according to Vedic Asrology
Emerald has the qualities to cure the ailments related to blood. It is also beneficial for heart and skin problems. If the person consumes its ash everyday, his intellectual power will increase and goddess Saraswati will shower her blessings on him. It is also believed that if somebody is wearing Emerald, it will bring prosperity in his life.

The auspiciousness of this gemstone bless, the person with virtuous child. Dip Emerald in water in morning and wash your eyes with this water. This may reduce problems related to eyes. Use the ash of Emerald, it will improve your eye sight.

Special Benefits of Emerald
If a lover gifts Emerald to his beloved, it strengthens their bond of love. If a student wears Emerald, it will help increase his interest in studies. It is also beneficial for the students who are weak in mathematics. Emerald is the karak of luxury.

Who should Wear Emerald according to Vedic Asrology
There are various benefits of wearing Emerald. If the position of Mercury is not favorable in the birth chart, the person should wear Emerald. Let us see the yogas in which this gemstone should be worn.

  • Those born in Gemini or Virgo Ascendant should wear Emerald because Mercury is the lord of the Ascendant house for both the Ascendant. If the person wears the gemstone of his Ascendant lord, it blesses him with good health. If the person of this Ascendant has some health problems, he should wear the gemstone to get favorable results.

  • When Mercury is in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, the person may get skin problems. These three houses are known as trik houses and are most inauspicious among all the houses in the birth chart.

  • When Mercury is in Pisces in the birth chart, the person may have a weak cognitive capacity because Mercury is debilitated in this sign. It is unable to give its results in the debilitated sign. Auspiciousness of Mercury is beneficial for the people of business class. Therefore, the person should wear Emerald to maintain the auspiciousness of Mercury.

  • When Mercury is the lord of the second house or the person is born in Taurus or Leo Ascendant or it is in the ninth house, the person may get problems in subjects related to the second house (the house of family or siblings). In other words, the person may have conflicts with his family members.

  • If Mercury is in eighth house, the person should wear Emerald to get beneficial results. This yoga may try to influence the person towards immoral practices, therefore, he should wear Emerald for a stable mind.

  • When Mercury is located in any house in the birth chart and Moon aspects it, the person should wear Emerald to get favorable results.

  • Businessmen, writers, publishers or accountants should wear Emerald to enhance their skills in their profession. Emerald helps achieve success and progress in these fields.

  • The person should also wear Emerald if Mahadasha of Mercury is running in his birth chart. This helps reduce his problems during the period.

  • When Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are together at one place in the chart then Mercury is afflicted by all the malefic planets due to which it may not able to give its auspicious results.

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