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Cat's Eye - The Gemstone of Ketu

Cat’s eye is worn to get auspicious results of Ketu. It will help improve the results from the house and the sign in which Ketu is located. Cat’s eye is also called Vedaryu, Vidur and Baal Surya in Sanskrit, Lehsuniya in Urdu and Farsi. A real Cat’s Eye gemstone has some white lines running through it.

Qualities of Cat's Eye
The aura of Cat’s eye is black and white. The glimpse of white cloud in this gemstone is considered auspicious. If this gemstone is shiny and has white lines it is very auspicious and pure. Smooth and shiny Cat’s eye is considered good.

Harmful effects of Artificial or defective Cat’s Eye
Defective Cat’s Eye should not be worn as it may cause harm. If you notice the following features in the gemstone, do not wear it.

  • 1. If there is a white spot in Cat’s Eye it may cause physical problems to the person.

  • 2. If there are spots of brown color the person may have a loss in business.

  • 3. If there are five or more lines in the gemstone it is inauspicious and ineffective.

  • 4. If there is a glimpse of blood red color in this gemstone the person may get involved in legal hassles.

  • 5. If it has multiple colors, it will increase the health problems of the native.

  • 6. If there is no shine in Cat’s Eye it affects the wealth of the person.

  • 7. Gemstone with net like lines is not auspicious for the life-partner of the native.

Substitutes of Cat’s Eye
If a person is unable to wear Cat’s Eye he can wear its substitutes. However these substitutes are not as effective as the real Cat’s eye gemstone. There are three substitutes of Cat’s Eye:

  • 1. Sangi: This stone is available in different colors such as Green, Red, Yellow, Black, dust-colored and white. It is smooth and shiny.
    2. Gondat: It is white in color, shiny, smooth and light in weight.
    3. Gondati: It shines like the teeth of a cow. Another substitute is Sateen Cat’s Eye which is also known as Tiger’s eye.

Who Should wear Cat’s Eye:
It is auspicious for the person who is born in any trine house.

  • 1. If Ketu in any house placed with Mars, Jupiter and Venus the person can wear Cat’s Eye.

  • 2. If Ketu is placed with fifth-lord and ninth-lord in the chart the person should wear Cat’s Eye.

  • 3. If Ketu is placed with second-lord, ninth-lord and fourth-lord the person should wear Cat’s Eye to get the auspicious results from these house-lords.

  • 4. If Ketu is not placed with auspicious and mild houses the person should wear Cat’s Eye.

  • 5. Cat’s Eye can also be worn when Ketu is in the ascendant, third and eleventh house and its Mahadasha is also running in the birth-chart.

  • 6. If Ketu is in second, seventh, eighth and twelfth house, Cat’s Eye should not be worn.

Impact of Cat’s Eye on Health
Cat’s Eye can also be used for medical purposes.

It is helpful in curing diabetes.
2. Mix the ash of Cat’s Eye in Honey and have it to reduce problems related to eyes.
3. If the person is suffering bloody diarrhea he should use the ash of Cat’s eye.
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