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Topaz Gemstone – The Gemstone for Jupiter

The gemstone of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. It is known as Pitammani, Pushpraag in Sanskrit, Pukhraj  (पुखराज) in Hindi, Pushkraj in Marathi, Jardayakut in Farsi and yellow sapphire or topaz in English. Yellow Sapphire increases the knowledge of a person. This stone also gives happiness of children to the person.

Color of Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire or Topaz is mainly found in the color of turmeric like yellow kesar which is also known as Kesari sapphire. It is also available in the shade of golden pink, in color of peel of lemon or in golden white. This gemstone is in the shape of a hexagon.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire according to Vedic Asrology
Yellow sapphire is worn to get favorable results from Jupiter. With the auspicious influence of yellow sapphire, the person gets the happiness of children. This gemstone is also worn to increase the wealth. A person can wear this gemstone to increase his knowledge.

This also helps increase the efficiency and ability of a person in his business. This may increase his spiritual faith. Those who write spiritual books should wear yellow sapphire. The gemstone also helps increase the abilities of the person. The influence of this gemstone increases stability in the person’s behavior. He takes interest in charitable activities. Yellow sapphire helps increase the fame and respect of the person in academics. People in following professions should wear yellow sapphire to become successful: teacher, lawyer, writer, poet, publisher, judge, school principal.

Properties of Yellow Sapphire according to Vedic Asrology
Yellow sapphire is most popular among all the gemstones. It is popularly identified by its yellow color but it is found in different colors. Sapphire of superior quality is available in white color. Sapphire with a pink hue is also considered superior but they are not easily available in market.

Every gemstone of yellow color can not be topaz. Many gemstones look like topaz but they are not actually topaz. Some of them are citrine, tourmaline and yellow zircon. Nowadays, sapphire is also available in yellow color which is the gemstone of Saturn. Therefore, all the gemstones of yellow color are not topaz. The sapphire of Brazil is of best quality among the gemstones of other countries. The color of dark-colored Sapphire may get reduced if placed in sunlight and may turn white if kept for a long time.

Health Benefits of Topaz according to Vedic Asrology
Like other gemstones, Yellow sapphire is also used for health benefits. It is worn to cure health problems like cough, jaundice or skin infections. Topaz is also helpful to cure insomnia. It is worn to reduce aggressiveness in a person's behavior or increase his cognitive capacity. As a remedy to cure jaundice, boil yellow sapphire in water and drink this water. Ash of yellow sapphire is good to cure diseases related to joints or bones. In addition to this, it is also beneficial to cure cough disease.

Yogas for Wearing Topaz according to Vedic Asrology
Yellow sapphire helps lead the generation of the person. It is also favorable for a girl who is facing problems in finding a suitable match. Anybody can wear this gemstone as it does not cause any harm. People who have following yogas in their birth chart should wear topaz:

  • Yellow sapphire is primarily worn to increase wealth and strengthen economic status. If Jupiter is the lord of the malefic houses or placed in malefic houses or with malefic planets, the person should wear topaz to get favorable results.

  • Those born in Sagittarius or Pisces Ascendant should wear yellow sapphire or topaz. Topaz becomes the ascendant lord for both these ascendants. The gemstone of the ascendant lord helps cure the health problems of the person.

  • If Jupiter is in sixth, eighth or twelfth house, the person should wear topaz. It will help reduce the inauspiciousness of the Jupiter. Placement of an auspicious planet in trik houses gives inauspicious results. The 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are most inauspicious in the birth chart. Relationship of Jupiter with these houses may affect the results of karak elements of Jupiter.

  • If Jupiter is in Capricorn sign in the person’s birth chart, the results of Jupiter in debilitated sign may be reduced by wearing yellow sapphire or topaz.

  • Jupiter as the lord of the second house in the ninth house may affect the happiness and peace of the family. As a result, the savings of the person also gets affected.

  • If the person has a late marriage in the birth chart, he should wear topaz. It may help reduce the problems in his marriage. A father who has a daughter or son of marriageable age can wear yellow sapphire for their early marriage.

  • A person not able to conceive a child should wear yellow sapphire or topaz to get favorable results. Topaz also increases happiness of children in person’s life. Topaz can also be worn during the Mahadasha of Jupiter.
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