Pearl - Gem of the Planet Moon

Most of the people identify the gemstones by their color. They have many misconceptions regarding the gemstones, their qualities and effects. In astrology, wearing these stones is considered as one of the powerful remedies to reduce the malefic effects of inauspicious yogas in the birth chart. It is believed that the gemstones also possess the power of healing certain diseases. In this article, we will discuss about the gemstone for Moon and its effects.

Pearl: The Gemstone for Moon
Moon is the lord of Cancer sign. Pearl (moti)  is worn to get the auspicious results of Moon. Pearl is considered cold and soft. In Sanskrit, it is called as Mukta and Indurakt. In Urdu, Hindi and Marathi, it is called Moti.

Pearl is found in yellow, off white, light blue, pink, green and white colors. Pearl exists in round, straight and flat shapes.

Benefits of Pearl in Vedic Astrology
Pearl is the gemstone of Moon. This stone represents love and happiness of mother, heart, staying away from home, export and import, milk products, business and love. If you want to get the support of any of these, it is beneficial to wear Pearl.

Pearl is also favorable for those who are short-tempered. Its positive influence may reduce their anger and gives peace of mind. It also increases the concentration powers of the person.

Different Shapes of Pearl in Vedic Astrology
The pearl extracted from the oceans is long, flat, or sometimes shapeless. They are processed in the laboratories to provide right shape. Nowadays, artificial pearls are also manufactured in some countries.

Difference between Real and Artificial Pearl
As per Vedic astrology, artificial pearl has a knot which is not present in the real pearl. Both of them are equally strong and stable. Pearl is softer than any other gemstone. Therefore, its upper surface is affected by pressure or friction. High temperature and acid can deteriorate the gemstone.

Effects of Pearl on Health in Vedic Astrology
If the person uses the ash of pearl, he gets physical strength. This ash of pearl also gives relief and peace of mind. It helps to reduce eye diseases, tuberculosis, blood pressure, cough, heart problems and gastric problems. It can also be used to cure the stone problem of stomach. If the person tastes the ash of pearl with honey, he will get relief.

Nowadays, its ash is also used in beauty products. It also helps reduce the anger of a person. It also reduces the yellowness of teeth and removes scars. The ash of pearl is used to increase the glow of skin.

Special Powers of Pearl in Vedic Astrology
It is believed that the pearl reduces mental disorders. If you are in a love relationship, the positive influence of pearl may give you favorable results. Pearl also makes the person friendly and soft-spoken.

Gem Therapy - Who should Wear Pearl

  • If Moon is under any malefic influence in the birth chart, the person should wear pearl to get auspicious results.

  • When Moon is located with Sun in the birth chart or Moon is in fifth house from Sun, the person should wear Pearl during Mahadasha or Antardasha of any of these two planets.

  • If Moon is the second lord or located in the sixth house in the birth chart of Gemini Ascendant, the person can wear the gemstone to increase the happiness and prosperity of his family. If a person does not wear the gemstone according to the Ascendant of his birth-chart, he may get inauspicious results. Therefore, the person should wear the gemstone during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon.

  • The position of Moon in the fourth house or seventh house in the birth chart may affect the happiness of family. Wearing pearl can be beneficial for the person.

  • If Moon is in the Scorpio sign in the birth chart, it may increase the mental stress, therefore, the person should wear pearl to reduce his stress and tensions. If this Yoga is formed, Moon may come under the influence of malefic effects through its position in any house.

  • Pearl can also be worn to get all the auspicious results of Mahadasha of Moon.

  • When Moon or Rahu are found in one house, then Grahan Yoga is formed in the birth chart. This yoga may cause mental disorders. Wearing pearl may help control these disorders.

  • If Moon is located in the sixth or eighth house from its own sign, it is inauspicious. Therefore, wear pearl to reduce the malefic effects of Moon.

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