Coral, The Gemstone of Mars, Effects & Characteristics of Coral

The gemstones possess unique quality of attraction. Their color, shine and rays grab the attention of people. Since ancient times, people have been curious to know about these stones. As much as we explore these gemstone, our curiosity about them keeps on increasing. Let us try to know about the qualities of these gemstones in detail.

Coral: The Gemstone of Mars
Coral is the gemstone of Mars and its positive influence gives the strength to a person to defeat his enemies. Coral is known as Praval in Sanskrit, Moonga in Hindi, Povel in Marathi. In Urdu and Persian language, it is known as Mirjaan.

Color of Coral
Coral is available in saffron, yellow, red and dark red colors. It is round, straight and triangular in shape. The person born in Aries sign should wear Coral in triangle shape to get auspicious results. The person born in Scorpio should wear Coral in round shape to reduce the malefic effects.

Gem Therapy - Effects of Wearing Coral
The positive influence of Coral gives the happiness of younger siblings, courage, strength, patience, leadership qualities, ability to defeat enemies. Coral is also auspicious for those who want to make their career in the field of mechanical engineering.

This gemstone is worn in the beginning of Mahadasha of Mars.

Origin of Coral
Coral is not a non-living product. It is a product of vegetation. This vegetation is found at the bottom of the sea. The plant of coral is about 1.5 to 2 feet long. In Italy, the pictures of lord Ganesha, Krishna and goddess Saraswati are carved on Coral and they are sent for sale in various countries. The wreath of coral is used for chanting mantras.

Gem Therapy - Effect of Coral on Health
Coral is not much expensive but it is very useful. If the person uses ash of Coral, his physical strength increases. It is worn to cure the diseases related to stomach. It is also believed that if a child wears the stone of coral, his health problems may get reduced.

To improve your eye sight, keep coral in water overnight and wash the eyes with that water in the morning. You can do it regularly to get better results. If a person is suffering from jaundice, he should eat the ash of coral with milk cream.

If the person has heart or mental problems, he should use the ash of coral.

Gem Therapy - Special Powers of Coral
It is believed that there are some special powers in Coral. If the person wears this stone, his patience level may get increased. Coral helps in defeating the enemies. If a child wears a small piece of coral, he will be protected from all the negative effects and yogas. If a person often gets scared in his dreams, he is advised to wear Coral.

Who should Wear Coral
If Mars is debilitated and inauspicious in the birth chart, then wear coral to reduce its inauspiciousness. If Mars is located with inauspicious planets in the birth chart, the person becomes short-tempered and aggressive in nature. Therefore, he should wear coral.

If a person is under the influence of Mahadasha of Mars or may not get the results of its Antardasha, he should wear coral to get favorable results.

If a person lacks leadership qualities, due to which he may not be able to get benefits at work, then he should wear Coral.

If Mars is in the fourth house in the birth chart, the person may feel physically weak. If Mars is located in fourth house, Manglik dosha is formed. To reduce the malefic effects of this dosha, he should wear Coral.

If Mars is in third house, the person may have conflicts with his younger siblings. He may not have good relationship with his father. Therefore, to remove such doshas from the birth chart, the person should wear Coral.

A person should wear coral if Mars is in second house and affects the auspiciousness of the ninth house.

If Mars is in any house of the birth chart and aspects seventh, ninth, tenth or eleventh house, the person should wear Coral to reduce its inauspiciousness.

If Mars is retrograde, debilitated or in transit in the birth-chart, the person may not get fruitful results. The person may be short-tempered in nature. The debilitated Mars reduces the courage of the person. This kind of a situation may create problems for businessmen. If any of these Yoga are formed in anyone's birth chart, he should wear coral to increase his courage and strength.
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