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Conjunction of Sun and other Planets in the Seventh House

The seventh house is the house of marriage in the birth chart. The planets that form relationship with this house influence the married life of a person. The sign of the seventh house and the planets located in this house influence the nature and behavior of the native’s spouse.

If this house of marriage, its lord and the karak planets of marriage form a relationship with auspicious planets, the happiness and prosperity in the person’s married life increases. Whereas if the inauspicious or malefic planets influence or form a relationship with the seventh house or its lord and the auspicious planets of marriage, it may create problems in the married life.

The life partner of the person may have some traits or his personality is influenced by the planet which is located in seventh house. Also, if the planet in seventh house forms a relationship, conjunction or aspect relationship with any other planet, it influences the personality or nature of the spouse. It has been often seen that many other planets form a conjunction with the seventh house. Let us know their effects or influence on the married life of a person.

Conjunction of Sun and Moon in Seventh House
If the conjunction of Sun and Moon is formed in the seventh house the person may not be very happy from his life partner. He/she may also face defamation due to his life partner. This yoga increases the mental stress of the person due to which his marriage may get delayed or problems may occur before marriage. Due to this conjunction, the person may sometimes like to be alone.

Conjunction of Sun and Mars in Seventh House
If Sun and Mars both form a conjunction in the seventh house the person may get separated from his spouse for sometime after marriage. This yoga may lead to the conflicts in their married life. This yoga may cause delay in his marriage or may affect the marital happiness.

Conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Seventh House
If Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in the seventh house then the native’s spouse may have high expectations of income or wealth. The person’s life partner should follow the path of truth.

If Sun and Mercury are strong or influenced by auspicious planets in the chart, the life-partner of the person will be efficient, smart and intelligent. He will smartly and patiently face all the obstacles of life.

Conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Seventh House
If Sun and Jupiter form a conjunction in the seventh house of the native’s chart, his spouse may dominate him. His life-partner may not have good relationship with his father.

Conjunction of Sun and Venus in Seventh House
If this yoga is formed in the native’s chart, his life-partner may be tall and may like to travel extensively. This person may get love, affection and happiness from his married life. His life-partner will be lucky for him.

Sun is considered as a karak of soul. Conjunction of Sun with Venus may give the person happiness and prosperity in his married life. Conjunction or aspect relationship of both these planets in the seventh house gives the person complete satisfaction and happiness in his married life.

Conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Seventh House
When Sun and Saturn form a conjunction in the Seventh house of the native he may get the support and affection of his spouse after few years of his married life. Due to this yoga, the person may not able to develop friendly relationship with his spouse.

This conjunction of Sun and Saturn also affects the stability of the person’s married life.
As a result, he may not get the desired happiness in his married life.

Conjunction of Sun and Rahu in Seventh House
This yoga may lead to conflicts in the native’s married life. Therefore, he should be loyal to his life partner.
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