Effects of Saturn in Your Birth Chart

If Saturn is auspicious in the birth-chart then the person would be stable, well-managed, practical, hard-working, serious and straight-forward. The person may have contradiction in his thought due to Saturn. The person would be well-confident. Saturn makes the person ambitious.

Saturn makes a person thrifty. If Saturn has relation with the house of expenses then the person may form plans for expenses. He would be careful towards his acts. Saturn makes the person efficient in his business and will give him perfection in his tasks.

The person would be efficient due to influenced by Saturn. Saturn plays an important role in the economic and social position of the person. The person would be able to sacrifice with his needs because of influenced by Saturn. The person would be a scholar and noble. He will inclined towards spirituality and would be interested in the Vedic scriptures. He will achieve success and fame in the field of writing.

If Saturn is malefic in the horoscope then the person may not have much friends and may be suspicious by nature. He may not discuss his personal matters with others.

Effects of Saturn - Aspect of Saturn
Saturn has three aspects which are the seventh, third and tenth aspect. All the planets have seventh aspect that’s why it is not a special aspect. In addition, Saturn has third aspect and the third house is the house of courage in the birth-chart of a person. If Saturn aspects any house by its third aspect then the person show courage to get results of that house which is aspected. Similarly, house which form aspect relation with Saturn’s tenth aspect will encourages a person to make his profession in that field.

Effects of Saturn - Exalted Sign of Saturn
Saturn is exalted in the sign Libra. Saturn is known as a planet of asceticism and Venus is a Karaka planet of prosperity and luxuries but if placement of Saturn as an exalted planet in the sign Libra which is the sign of Venus will bring contradiction in the qualities of both the signs.

There is a scientific fact behind this i.e. if a person has good wealth, prosperity and all the comforts then that person may have less interest to perform Karmas. Placement of Saturn in this house as an exalted planet will inspire a person to enjoy comforts along with performing acts. This is the reason why Saturn is exalted in Libra while it is in the Nakshatra of Jupiter.

Libra is the symbol of justice and equality. Saturn is also a Karaka planet of justice and similarity. Relation of Libra and Saturn will make a person justice.
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