Mahabhagya Yoga and its effects

Mahabhagya Yoga is one of the yogas created due to the change in position of the sign. Mahabhagya Yoga helps increase the fame, wealth and leads the person towards success in his life. They are of 28 types.

Mahabhagya Yoga  is created in Kendra, trine and eleventh house due to the change of position of the sign. Therefore this yoga is created in the fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, Ascendant and eleventh house due to the change of position of sign.

Results of Mahabhagya Yoga
The person who has Mahabhagya Yoga in his birth chart is blessed by goddess Lakshmi. His wealth continues to increase and he gets the opportunity to work on a higher position. He lives a luxurious life and gets expensive jewellery and clothes. This yoga also helps increase the prosperity, material pleasures and comfort of expensive cars and other vehicles.
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