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Second House in Horoscope - Planets in second house and its effects

The second house in the horoscope is said to be the house of wealth. This is also the house of savings. This saving refers to the money earned by a person through his own efforts. In addition, this house is the house of the person's family too. The planet which forms a position, conjunction or aspect relationship with this house influences the person's family relations. If the house lord aspects the second house, the house becomes strong.

The position of an auspicious planet in this house increases the wealth of the person. If a malefic planet is located in this house, the wealth of the person gets affected and conflicts may occur in his family. If the second lord forms a relationship with the trine houses, the person gets happiness and prosperity.

Effects of Sun in Second House
If Sun is in second house, the person is born before sunrise. This birth time can also be called as the last phase of the night. The person with this yoga likes to increase his savings and strengthen his economic status.

The person spends his money wisely and may be a miser. He is very keen to increase his knowledge. The position of Sun in this house may lead to eye diseases. The person with this yoga has an influential voice and is very intellectual. If Sun is in the debilitated sign during transit, the person's senior officials may be disappointed with him.

Some astrologers believe that the position of Sun in the second house affects the happiness and wealth of the family. If Sun aspects the eighth house from the second house in this yoga, it becomes malefic. This yoga also makes the person stubborn.

Effects of Moon in Second House
When Moon is in the second house, the person prefers business as his profession. He has an active voice and respects his family traditions and values. This person makes profits through investments in different areas. His economic status also gets strengthened. Moon is the kaarak of money, therefore, the person who has this yoga in his birth chart may not face any economic problem. Moon is like a younger brother of Lakshmi. If Moon is located in the auspicious house or planet of the birth chart, the person will not face any economic problems in his life. The Yogas created by Moon are considered important and auspicious in various other methods of Astrology.

This yoga makes the person smart, wealthy and famous. He gets the happiness and support of his family. But he may suffer from eye infection. If Moon is malefic in the birth chart, the person may get opposite results.

Women may be lucky for him and he may get economic benefits with their support.

Effects of Mars in Second House
If Mars is in second house of the person's birth chart, he may have conflicts with his family members. This yoga may make the person rude. The person should avoid the company of bad people. He may face economic problems but may get benefits from ancestral property. The person is confident, independent and ambitious. He likes to participate in competitions.

The person with this yoga is very much focused about his aim of life. He gives importance to himself and is straightforward. He does not like the interference of others in his work. The position of Mars in the second house may increase accidents risks.

Effects of Mercury in Second House
If Mercury is located in second house, the person is kind and generous in nature. This person is intelligent and efficient. He takes interest in organizing and managing events. He works interactively and systematically. He increases his wealth through his intellect. He progresses continuously in his life. If Mercury is affected by any malefic planets during this yoga, the person may not take right decisions. However, the auspicious influence on Mercury makes the person successful.

Effects of Jupiter in Second House
The position of Jupiter in the second house makes the person a good businessman. He should be careful while borrowing money otherwise he may face financial problems. The person should try to control his expenses. This yoga is auspicious and may support him to increase his wealth, happiness and respect. Due to this position of Jupiter in second house, the person may become a poet, philosopher or literateur.

Effects of Venus in Second House
When Venus is placed in second house, the person is able to increase his wealth and prestige in the society. If Venus is auspicious, the person is very conscious about his image and respect in the society. This person may earn profit through business. He is smart but may be emotional and sensitive in nature. He is responsible towards his family and their needs.

Effects of Saturn in Second House
The position of Saturn in second house makes the person hard working but he may not get favorable results. This person may face economic problems during his childhood. He may be hesitant in expressing his thoughts.

This person is skeptical. He takes wise decisions in money matters. He is afraid of taking risk in business. If Saturn is placed with malefic planets in second house, the person may be lazy and may leave his work incomplete.

Effects of Rahu in Second House
The position of Rahu in second house is considered auspicious for money matters. Under the influence of this yoga, if the person invests money in shares, his savings will increase. This person gets the opportunity to fulfil his family responsibilities. This yoga may give the person unexpected economic benefits.
The person with this yoga may face difficulties in his family life. He needs to control his expenses and he should perform his work systematically. He should be dedicated and focused towards his goal of life.

Effects of Ketu in Second House
When Ketu is located in second house, it may lead to economic problems for the person and he may spend his money unnecessarily. He may have to face problems during his primary education. This person understands an issue quickly but he may not get the support of his family. He should not perform immoral acts for earning money.

The position of Ketu in the auspicious sign gives the person comforts and conveniences. This person should strictly follow the laws otherwise he may get involved in legal disputes.

Effects of Urenus in Second House
When Urenus is in second house, the person may experience fluctuations in his economic status. This person is interested in gambling and risky activities. His interest in these activities may cause economic problems for him. Therefore, he should stay away from all these things to strengthen his economic condition.

The person with this yoga may want to make a lot of money in short span of time. Due to which, he may get involved in unsocial activities and incur financial loss. He may also try to run away from his responsibilities. The person should not borrow money from others otherwise it may further increase his economic problems.

Effects of Neptune in Second House
The person with this yoga is idealistic and determined. He has the desire for comforts and amenities. This person should not perform immoral activities to make money because that will not prove beneficial for him. He may be careless regarding money or savings. Effects of Pluto in Second House

Pluto in second house provides the person with comforts and conveniences. This yoga opens new avenues of income for the person. This yoga also helps the person increase his savings.
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