Various Branches of Indian Vedic Hindu Astrology

Vedic Astrology is one of the oldest branches of Astrology. Vedas are the basis of Vedic Astrology. This method is also known as the eye of Vedas. You will acknowledge the influence of Vedic Astrology in almost all the branches of Astrology. In Vedic Astrology the birth-charts are created on the basis of birth-date, time and place. Vedic Astrology makes predictions by analyzing the birth-chart of the person. The predictions through this method are good in accuracy and authenticity. Many software designed on the basis of Vedic astrology are available in the market. Prime among them all is the Horoscope Explorer, you can know about your future through this software without any astrological help.

Transit System
Transit system is one of the systems of Vedic Astrology. In this method your daily horoscope is assessed, through which you can know about your present day, whether the day is convenient for traveling, what is good for you and the influence of planets on you on the present day. You can get all the information through the method of transit. In this method the analysis is done on the basis of the location of Moon. The planets are located in signs according to Vedic Astrology. In this method Moon, Nakshatra and days are given main importance.

You can assess your daily horoscope through this method. Those who take decisions on the basis of their daily horoscope, can use the software Daily Astrology Explorer. You can get all the information about your daily life through this software, and by knowing your present day you can take important decisions about your life. Your chances of success will increase if you follow your daily horoscope.

Prashna Astrology (Horary Astrology}
As the name suggests, this method is based on Prashna Kundali (Prashna Jyotish) . In this system, the method of making Prashna kundali is different from Vedic Astrology. In Vedic Astrology the birth-date, place and time is considered to obtain the position of the Ascendant, while in Prashna kundali the time of your question determines the position of the Ascendant. In Prashna Kundali the position of planets is same as in Vedic Astrology. Predictions are made according to your problem at a particular time. It is because of these features that Prashna Astrology is considered supreme among all the branches of Astrology. It is a blessing for those who do not know their birth-date, place and time. You can confirm all your queries through Prashna kundali and for this you can use the software Prashna Kundali Explorer.

Numerology is very popular in western countries and it recently gained popularity in India as well. In this method, predictions are made on the basis of numbers. In this method neither the birth-chart nor the birth-time and place are required. Only the birth-date is required in the form of a number, which is calculated with other numbers to make predictions. Let us understand how the predictions are made in this method using one example:

Suppose the number of a person is 1 and his question is whether the place he is going to work at will be favorable for him. If the number of that place is 4 after calculations, then it will be favorable for him but if the number is 5 or 6, then it can be unfavorable for him. Hence, you can obtain the answers of your questions and know about your future through this method. For this you can use the software Numerology Explorer.

Recently a new method of Astrology based on Palmistry arrived in India. Lal Kitab is the main book of this method of astrology. This method is basically used in Arab countries. In this method, the position of Ascendant is stable but the positions of planets are continuously changing. The astrological method of Lal Kitab is different from Vedic Astrology. The main feature of this method is that the remedies for the peace of planets are very easy and can be performed by anyone.

Lal Kitab
You can create your birth-chart on the basis of Lal Kitab and can locate the position of planets through this. If any planet is located in a weak position, you can find its cure in Lal Kitab. Strong position of planets will lead you towards progress. If you want to benefit from Lal Kitab you can use the software Lal Kitab Explorer.
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