Why Astrological Predictions are Often Wrong

Half knowledge is always dreadful and the same goes for astrology.We all must have witnessed that many a times predictions for our future are very vague, the reason behind this is insufficient information. In this article we will try to probe and figure out why this is so.

Importance of the birth name
At the time of a child’s birth, parents consult astrologers. Astrologer give a name to the child depending on his/her Nakshatra. Astrologers calculate the Nakshatras according to the date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. But people name their children according to their own liking and not according to the Nakshatra, that is the reason why a lot of ambguity creeps in. Others usually use the name given by the parents rather than the original astrologically correct birth name.

If a person doesn’t get his/her birth name correct on the natal chart, then the placement of planets and stars can go for a toss. For example whenever a person is affected by the Sadesati of Saturn or an Eclipse it will have its effect on the basis of the original name of the person. If the person is afflicted with some disease he will get the bad effects of that disease whether he knows it or not, similar position is seen when considering loss or profit.

Even some astrologers don’t pay much heed to the importance of the birth name. For example many famous astrologers predict the future of famous politicians and filmstars on the basis of their popular name. This method is completely incorrect if we go by Indian astrology. Let us take an example: Lord Rama and Hanuman are Libra according to their names, now the question is whether Ravana (the demon king of Lanka) dies on the day, which was auspicious or inauspicious for Librans. If it was auspicious then why did Ravana die or if it was inauspicious then why did lord Rama win.

The situation was similar for Lord Krishna and Kansa because both of them are Gemini according to their names but they were poles apart in deeds and nature. From all these examples we can draw a conclusion that influence of the real name is stronger on the person than his/her popular name.

There is one more question: if the birth name does not suit the person, then what should be the criterion for the person to change his or her name. Should the person go by numerology or astrology. Many top-notch astrologers are of the view that a person lives under the influence of his birth name throughout his life even if he/she changes his name.

The numbers also give direction to the destiny. The planets influence the person through numbers because each number is under a planet. For example 1- Sun 2- Moon 3- Jupiter etc. But we should not forget that even though numbers give directions to our destiny the final decision is made on the basis of position of planets in the birth-chart.
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