Auspicious Muhurat for taking Oath

Taking oath for the post is considered auspicious. Astrologers believe that this must be done on the auspicious Muhurat. It is important to understand the facts related to the assessments of astrology, to take oath of office on the auspicious Muhurat. Let us know the auspicious Muhurtha to take oath and how this Muhurtham can be obtained.

Analysis on Nakshatra
The position of Nakshatra is considered to assess auspicious Muhurtham. It is auspicious if laghu Nakshatra i.e. Ashvani, hasth, abhijeet and friend Nakshatra such as Mrighshira, revati, chitra, anuradha and stable nakshatra such as falguni, utrabhadrapada, utrashana, rohini, jyeshta and shravana are present on the eve of taking oath.

Analysis on Day
Along with the nakshatra, the day of taking oath is also considered. Taking oath on Sunday, Thursday and Friday is considered auspicious. According to the principles of Astrology, if you take an oath on the above mentioned days, and in the presence of the above mentioned nakshatra, then it will be auspicious for you.

Analysis on the Date of Taking Oath
While analyzing the auspicious Muhurat, the date should also be assessed. Rikhta tithi such as fourth, ninth and fourteenth are considered inauspicious for taking oath. Therefore, you should not take oath on these dates. You can sworn in on any date except the dates of Rikhta tithi, but assessment on nakshatra and days is important in this concern.

Analysis on Ascendant
For the assessment of auspicious Muhurat Nakashtra, day, tithi as well as the Ascendant is to be considered. Astrologers believe that the Ascendants of shirshoday signs such as Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius are auspicious. If the auspicious planet is located in the first, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth house and the malefic planets are located in the third, sixth and eleventh house in the Muhurtha Ascendant, then it will be an auspicious Muhurtha for taking oath.

If on the eve of taking oath, Moon transits through the fourth, eight and twelfth sign from the birth sign, then the person should postpone. If there is any Yoga created, whether Tara Dosha or Bhadra, then you should not take oath on that day. The position of Moon in the sixth, eighth, twelfth house of Muhurtha Ascendant is not favorable for the stability of the king. Hence, in the presence of these planetary positions, you should not take oath.

If you sworn in by taking all these facts into consideration, it will be auspicious for you.
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