Importance of the Third House in the Prashna Kundali

Just like schools and colleges are systematically divided into different departments for successful administration and different faculties are hired for the division of work, similarly our birth chart is divided into 12 different houses ruled by different planets. There is a relevance of every house in the birth-chart and each house possesses its own department.

For instance: the second house is the house of money, family and voice. The third house also has its influence on these areas. Here we will discuss about the importance of the third house in the Prashna kundali:

According to Astrology the third house indicates about siblings, short-distance journeys, strength and change. Mars is the significator of the third house in the birth-chart. General rules of Vedic Astrology apply to this house.

In the Prashna Kundali the third house gives accurate answers to all the questions it serves as the Karya Bhava for. Let us understand it through one example: suppose you want to know about your relationship with your siblings. The astrologer will create the prashna kundali on the basis of this question. As the relation of prashna is with the siblings, therefore the third house will serve as the Karya Bhava. However, here Mars is the kaarak of younger siblings and it will also have its influence.

If the Ascendant/Ascendant lord, third house/third lord and Mars are auspicious and located in the strong position, you will share a good relationship with your siblings. Your relationship will become stronger as the houses and planets in the birth-chart are strong. If these houses and planets are in debilitated and weak position then they may affect your relationship with your siblings.

We can obtain the answers of other questions related to this house through the same method. Same rule will be followed for questions related to short-distance journeys or change.

According to astrology, Moon is considered to know the answers of your questions. You can understand this with one example: Suppose your question is related to short-distance journeys. Following the principles of Prashna kundali, the position of Ascendant/Ascendant lord, third house/third lord and Mars will be assessed to know the answers. If these houses and planets are located in a strong position and are auspicious in the birth-chart then the answers will be in your favor.

If Moon aspects the third house or third lord, then your journey will be successful. The aspect of Moon in this concern is very important because it increases the chances of success of your journey.

When we try to find the answers through the Krishnamurti method of Prashna kundali, then the location of Nakshatras is assessed rather than the planets in the birth-chart. Nakshatra of the ninth lord is considered significant for predictions because it determines the results. Astrologers use both these methods of Prashna kundali to assess the results of the third house.
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