Muhurat for Adopting a Child

There will be hardly anyone in this world, who does not wish for children in his life. Those who are unable to enjoy parenthood prefer to adopt a child. But always remember to consider an auspicious Muhurtha before moving forward with your decision.

Astrologers consider adopting a child a very noble work. Doing this noble work in the auspicious Muhurtha will be good for you. You will receive happiness for the adopted child. The child will obey and respect you. For the assessment of auspicious Muhurtha you have to consider the Nakshatra, Vaar, Tithi and Ascendant at that time.

Analysis on Nakshatra for Child Adoption Muhurat

Consider the Nakshatra if you plan to adopt a child. Pushya, Anuradha and PurvaFalguni are auspicious Nakshatras for adopting a child.

Analysis on Tithis for Child Adoption Muhurat

Auspicious tithis for adopting a child are Pratiparda, second, third, fifth, seventh, tenth, eleventh and thirteenth.

Analysis on Vaar for Child Adoption Muhurat

In this concern Vaar should also be considered in Muhurtha. According to Astrology, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are auspicious for adopting a child.

Analysis on Ascendant for Child Adoption Muhurat

When you plan to adopt a child, Ascendant in Muhurtha should be in an auspicious position. If the fifth, ninth and tenth house are strong in the birth-chart or an auspicious planet is located in these houses, then this is a good time for adopting a child.

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