What does Your Fate Line has to Say About You?

Whenever we miss an opportunity we tend to curse our fate. But before you curse your fate, you should analyze what the fate line in your palm has to say:

According to palmistry fate lines are of seven types. They are different in formation and their impact as well. The types of fate lines are:

Deep fate line: If your fate line is deep, then it means that you will get profits in land or property from your paternal side and reap other benefits. You will also get the support of senior members of your family.

Light fate line: If your fate line is light, it indicates that you will have to struggle a lot and face many difficulties in life. The disappointment will always be surrounding you. But if the line of Sun is deep in your palm, then you will achieve success in life. Similarly, the other lines and mounts in hands have different influence on your life.

Divided line: If fate line is divided and it is in the shape of Y. Then it means that you will be very confused in your life. You may not be able to determine your actual goal, and be always in a state of fighting with your ideas.

Zig zag lines: If your fate line is in the shape of zig zag, then you may face many ups and downs or drastic changes in life. You will get success after much struggle and obstacles. You will not get anything easily in life. These kinds of lines in your palm also mean that you will be very confused while taking decisions in life.

Chained and waved lines: These kinds of lines indicate that you will face ups and downs at work-front. You will continue to account failures and success in life. Sometimes your work will be done easily, while at others you will face troubles and have to work hard to complete your tasks.

Invisible lines: If you do not have a fate line in your palm, then it does not mean that your fate is weak. Fate of those, with no fate line in their hands, is assessed on the basis of other visible lines.
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