Characteristics and Qualities of Leo Natives

Leo is the fifth sign in zodiac. The element of fire is prominent in this sign. People of this sign are static in nature. Leo owns the east direction. Sun is the lord of Leo and there is no planet which is exalted or debilitated in this sign.

Those born in this sign are stable in nature, have good concentration and are dedicated towards their work. They do not take interests in useless things. People of this sign feel very proud of themselves. And to maintain their dignity and pride they are always ready to accept all kinds of challenges in life.

Leos know how to adjust themselves with the kind of circumstances and situations in life. They are also very determined in life, if they have decided something then they definitely put it into action. They are highly ambitious and do not like to make efforts for any small work.

If Moon is located in Leo at the time of your birth, then Leo is your birth-sign. Birth-sign Leo makes you very broad-minded. You do not like any interference in your work. Natives of this sign are good in character and are also very talented. They concentrate on their work. They are also very efficient. Astrology says that Leos are very talented and genius, and can accomplish all kinds of tasks efficiently.

However, they have some weaknesses as well. They have a habit of show-off. They are ostentatious in nature. They praise others for their own benefits and also like to hear their own praise from others. Due to these weaknesses they have to face various problems in life.

They do not make friends easily and think a lot before becoming friends with anyone. As a result they have less friends and their social circle is also very limited.

In terms of education, subjects like History, Ayurveda, Chemistry, Pharma, B.ed, M.ed, Architect, Radiology, Hospital management, Public Administration, Cardiology and Electrical Engineering are favorable and beneficial for them.

Profession of a share broker, jeweler, manager, high officer and doctor is favorable for them. These career options are profitable for them. They get success in these fields and their economic conditions also improve.

Leos are prone to spinal diseases, blood pressure, restlessness and phobia, anemia, heart problems and blood clots in various parts of the body.
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