Characteristics for Virgo Natives

The symbol of Virgo sign is a woman holding flowers in her hand. Virgo is the sixth sign in zodiac. Virgo owns the south direction.

Mercury is the lord of this sign. Mercury is exalted and Venus is debilitated in this sign.

Let us discuss what Astrology has to say about those born in this sign.

According to Astrology, the element of earth is prominent in this sign. Natives of Virgo sign have dual behavior. They might not do what they say. It is a little difficult to understand them. Due to their double personality, they face problems in taking decisions. They have sharp analyzing skills. They think a lot before taking any decision. However, when they get success in their efforts, they assess the situation wisely and take decisions.

They are sharp and intellectual. They are able to accomplish difficult tasks easily. Virgos are shy and diffident. They are introvert in nature. They do not trust others easily.

Virgos also have great faith in humanity. They are kind-hearted and always lend a helping hand to others. But they help others keeping their own interests in view. They make an assessment of their profit-loss before helping others.

Natives of this sign are very sentimental. They do not amend or hide their feelings but express their real self truly. Virgos are rational. They participate in noble work and charity. They also raise their voice actively.

In terms of education, B.Ed, M.Ed, mathematics, commerce, literature, medical, tourism, acting, writing and courses related to business management are beneficial for them. Their education will help them in their business or job.

Virgos can be teachers, editors or auditors. They can also get success in business of import and export, commission work, running a printing press, department of public relations and wholesale business. They can achieve rapid success in these fields through their hard-work.

People of this sign suffer from various diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, cholera and stomach and intestine-related diseases. They should not be careless in matters of health, otherwise they may have to face many problems in life.
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