Difference between Navamsa and Kalasha

In ancient times Astrologers were believed to be Tri-kaaldarshi. Tri-Kaaldarshi means they had their eyes on past, present and future. Today times and our lifestyles have changed a lot. We neither have enough patience nor courage for such discipline.

Leave aside our past and future, today it is even difficult to understand our present. Lord Brahma's veda and astrology written in it is very useful and beneficial for us in present times. Vedic Astrology can help us know about all incidents and events of our life.

Vedic astrology is a mystery in itself. To make it easy to understand for the new generation, many famous astrologers have done various researches to bring new facts to light. Legendary south Indian astrologer Krishnamurti developed an astrological system that is known as KP Astrology Systems. This method replaced Navamsa by kalamsa to obtain accurate results.

The theories of Navamsa or Navamsa and Kalasha are established on vedic astrology, but still there are some differences between them.

To understand how kalamsa is different from Navamsa you have to go through some facts.

One main difference is Navamsa is the division of signs and Kalasha is of nakshatra. Vedic astrology has always used this method of Navamsa for the precise knowledge of incidents. But krishnamoorthy developed a new method. He divided nakshatras in parts instead of signs. In Navamsa the signs are divided and in Kalasha nakshatras are divided into nine parts.

Let us now understand these differences in detail. The perod of one sign in Navamsa is- 30 degrees divided into nine equal parts. As a result, each Navamsa is of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Kalasha Nakshtras 13 degrees and 20 minutes are divided into nine parts, but they are not equal. The lord of each Kalasha is one planet and its period is divided according to the period of Vimshottari. It is because the period of planets in Vimshottari is different. Therefore Kalasha is not equal in parts as well as in value.The smaller Kalasha is of 4 minutes and the biggest is of 2 degrees 13 minutes and 20 seconds. Kalasha can be smallest in scale due to which its outcome is very near to reality.

There is also a difference of numbers between Navamsa and kalamsh. Navamsa are total 108 in numbers while Kalasha are 249. You must be thinking that signs are 12 in number, and if they are divided into 9 their number should be 108 and nakshatras are 27 in numbers and if they are divided into 9 their number should be 243. The following method explains these 6 extra numbers. The phases of some nakshatras are located in some signs. Suppose, if we take Kalasha of moon the phase of its nakshatras are not located in only one sign, it transits through various signs such as Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and cancer, Scorpio and Pisces sign. Hence, due to this 6 extra Kalasha are located in different signs.

In KP Astrology Systems, the lord of each Kalasha is a planet. It is understood that the results of a Kalasha are also influenced by the planet.
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