Relationship between kalamsha and Vimshottari dasha

In modern astrology Krishnamurti gave birth to a new method of Astrology (KP Astrology). This method follows the major principles of vedic astrology. But still it is different from vedic astrology in some respect.

Generally, Vedic astrology depends upon moon-sign and the KP system is based on nakshatra. In the KP Astrology system the division of nakshatras is based on the principles of vimshottari dasha. According to this, there is a close relationship between kalansh of krishnamoorthy system and vimshottari dasha in vedic astrology. In the system of sir K.P. the period of nakshatra i.e. 13 degrees and 20 minutes is precisely divided into 9 parts. The lords of these parts are different planets. The time of planets is determined on the basis of the time-period of vimshottari dasha in a specific planet. This determinate time-period will be the period of kalansha and its lord is regarded as the lord of kalansha.

In the period of Vimshottari average span of human life is 120 years. During this period a person has to undergo various periods of different planets.

Every planet has its determinate period and the person gets results according to the influence of planet in that period. This kind of principle is followed by the K.P. system. In this, a mathematical method is used to obtain results which can be understood as follows:

Total years of the period of planets x (800/120) = the sub-part of planets or kalansha.

In this way, the period of different planets is determined on the basis of vimshottari period in krishnamoorthy system. There are many similarities between the two. Like ancient vedic astrology system, accurate results can be determined from this new method if the planetary system of kalansh decreases.
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