Auspicious Muhurat for Career in Music, Dance or Acting

It takes much struggle and hard work to make a successful career in creative fields like acting, music and dancing. Indian philosophy considers these arts as the gift of God. Very few are lucky to be born with these talents. Astrologers say that to complete any important work you consider auspicious Muhuratm. Similarly, you should consider auspicious Muhurat to make a career in the field of music, dance or acting. Let us assess the auspicious Muhurat to step into the fields of music, dance and acting and succeed.

Consideration of Nakshatra
When you step into the fields of music, dance or acting, you should consider the presence of Mrighshira, Raveti, Anuradha, Hast, Pushya, Purvafalguni, Jyestha, Uttrasadha Nakshatra in the birth-chart. It is because, these Nakshatras are auspicious to learn music, dance and acting. According to the Muhurat Chintamani, Uttrafalguni, Uttravadrapad, Rohini Nakshatras are auspicious.

First, third, tenth, eleventh and twelfth tithis are auspicious if you are planning to take proper education and training in music, dance and acting.

Along with the Nakshatras and tithis mentioned above, you should also consider Vaar. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered auspicious days to begin a career in these art fields.

Consideration of Lagna
The Ascendant should be strong in the Muhurat for the day you are going to take admission in any institute of creative arts. If Mercury is located in the Muhurat Lagna, then it will be very auspicious for you.

If Moon transits through the fourth, eighth and the twelfth house from the birth-sign, and Tara dosha is located in the third, fifth and seventh house. But no bhadra or other inauspicious Yogas are located in the birth-chart, then on the basis of auspicious Nakshatras, tithis, Vaar, Ascendant you can assess the auspicious Muhurat to get admission into a good institute of these creative arts.
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