Characteristics and Personality Pisces Natives

Pisces is a female sign. There is a primacy of the element of water in this sign.

Let us see what Astrology has to say about those born in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign in zodiac. In sequence, this sign is the 12th sign in zodiac. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Pisces owns north direction. Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mercury is debilitated. Those born in Pisces have double behavioral aspects. They have a very confused state of mind and are unable to take quick decisions. However, they take wise final decisions. The main characteristic of their personality is that they are experts in makings new plans.

Pisceans are intelligent and have strong memory. They have the ability to remember everything for long. God always showers his blessings on the natives of this sign. They also have good intuitive power.

They are emotional. They cannot see anyone in pain and feel pity and emotional in their grief. Their notion of sympathy for helpless and weak persons is not limited to only words, but help them in every possible way.

The natives of this sign are very calm in nature. They do not get afraid in tough situations but adjust with them. They are peace-loving. They try to avoid conflicts as much as they can. They are also very friendly. They have a long list of friends in their life. According to Astrology they also know how to maintain their friendship.

The economic status of the Pisceans is good. They have the ability to achieve all worldly pleasures in their life but they are not materialistic. They enjoy to lead a simple life.

Favorable subjects for their career are economics, commerce, electrical engineering, industrial instrumentation, and spiritual subjects like Yoga and philosophy. These subjects are favorable for them from the perspective of their livelihood.

They can be successful as financiers, astrologers, in department of municipality, teachers, politicians and lawyers. They can also try for high government post and can earn good amount of money in partnership business.

In matters related to health, Pisceans may face problems related to feet and soles, intestine and heart. They have good memory but due to diseases it may become weak. Hence, they need to be careful about these diseases.
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