Muhurat for Vedarambh Sanskara

Gurus used to teach Vedas to their disciples in the ancient period. The study and knowledge of Vedas is considered auspicious in Indian philosophy. Vedarambh Sanskara should be performed along with Upnayan Sanskara. However there is no compulsion in performing this Sanskaras together.

Let us see what are the important things to remember during the consideration of Muhurtha:

Nakshatra and Muhurat for Vedarambh Sanskara
First of all the position of Nakshatras should be considered to determine the Muhurtha for Vedarambh Sanskara. Uttrafalguni, Uttrashana, Rohini, Hast, Ashwini, Abhijeet, Mrighashira, Raivati, Chitra, Anuradha and Ardra are auspicious Nakshatras for performing Vedarambh Sanskara while others are not considered auspicious for Muhurtha to perform this Sanskara.

Date(Tithi) and Muhurat for Vedarambh Sanskara
Auspicious dates for this sanskara are second, third, fifth, sixth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth. You can perform this Sanskara on these dates and in the presence of any of the Nakshatras mentioned above.

Day (Vaar) and Muhurat for Vedarambh Sanskara
Day is also important for the consideration of auspicious Muhurtha. Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered auspicious days for performing Vedarambh Sanskara. You can perform this Sankara on any of these days.

Ascendant and Muhurat for Vedarambh Sanskara
This Sanskara can be performed in the presence of any Ascendant. But it should be strong or located in a strong position. If an auspicious planet is located in the kendra of any Ascendant in the first, fourth, seventh and tenth house, and in the fifth and ninth house of Trikon or any malefic planet is located in the sixth, third and eleventh house and no planet in the eighth house then this position is very auspicious for performing Vedarambha Sanskara.

According to Astrology, when Tara Dosha and Chandra Dosha are malefic i.e. Tara transits through the fourth, eighth, twelfth, third, fifth and seventh house from the birth-Moon, Vedarambh Sanskara should not be performed.
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