Muhurat for Karan Vedh Sanskara - कर्ण-वेध संस्कार

The sixteen sanskaras described in vedic scritpures were carefully analysed and prepared by famous sages and seers. Here we will discuss about Karan Vedh Sanskara (कर्ण-वेध संस्कार). Health is the basis of Karan vedh Sanskara, which means ear piercing. This sanskara is performed to maintain the health of the child and to protect him from health ailments and infection.

Let us see which is the auspicious Muhurat for Karan Vedh Sanskara:

Assessment of Time for Muhurat ofr Karan Vedh Sanskara
It is said about this Sanskara that it should be done on the tenth, twelfth or sixteenth day from the birth-day of the child or when the child is of six, seven or eight months.

Auspicious Nakshatra for Muhurat ofr Karan Vedh Sanskara
During the assessment of Muhurat  for Karan vedh Sanskara you should consider Mrighashira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Hast, Ashwini, Pushya, Abhijeet, Shravana, Ghanishtha and Punarvasu Nakshatras. You can perform this Sanskara in the presence of any one of these Nakshatras.

Day for Muhurat ofr Karan Vedh Sanskara
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are auspicious days to perform this Sanskara.

Date for Muhurat for Karan Vedh Sanskara
All the dates are considered auspicious to perform this Sanskara except fourth, ninth and fourteenth or dates of no moon. You should be careful about these dates before doing ear piercing of your child.

Ascendant for Muhurat for Karan Vedh Sanskara
It has been mentioned in Vedic Astrology that all the Ascendants are auspicious if there is an auspicious planet in the kendra (first, fourth, seventh, tenth house) or trine (fifth and ninth house) and a malefic planet in the third, sixth and eleventh house. Here Sagttarius, Taurus, Libra and Pisces are considered auspicious specifically. If Jupiter is located in the Ascendant then it is very auspicious.

According to Vedic Astrology the following are to be avoided for the purpose of ear-piercing: Khar Maas of Hindu Panchang, Kshaya Tithi (Day in which there are two tithis), Harishayan (From 11th Ashaad Shukla-Paksh to 11th Kartik Shukla-Paksh), the birth lunar month and even years of age (2nd, or fourth etc.). It is important to ascertain that the Moon and Tara are auspicious too.

It will be auspicious if the right ear of the boy and the left ear of the girl is pierced first.
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