Muhurat for Yajna and Fire Sacrifice

Scriptures mention that offerings in fire sacrifice or Yajnas have an auspicious effect on us. These offerings give strength and power to Gods. In other words, these offerings are food for Gods. And if they get impressed, they will shower their blessings on us. You must have read about the struggle of Dewasur. When the demons defeated the lords, they had their control on Yajnas, so that they could lessen the power of lords.

According to these assumptions, the offerings in the fire sacrifice or Yajnas reach the lords in their entire form. These offerings make lords happy. As a result, your desires come true. According to Astrologers, the Yajnas should not be performed in an inauspicious Muhurat if they are dedicated to lords. Therefore, whenever you are planning to perform Yajnas or fire sacrifice you must consider the auspicious Muhurat.

Let us discuss the auspicious Muhurat for Fire sacrifice or yajnas and how to obtain it:

Analysis on Aayan for yajna Muhurat
Before the assessment of Nakshatra, you should analyze the Aayan for Yajna or fire sacrifice. Utrayan is considered auspicious in theology. Aayan is the name of motion of Sun. When Sun moves in the north direction, then it is Utarayaan. Utarayaan is considered the day of lords and dakshiyaan is night. Hence, Yajna is best to be performed in Utarayaan.

Analysis on Nakshatra for yajna Muhurat
When you start Yajna in the Utrayaan direction, you should assess the Nakshatra. And if any one of these Nakshatra Vishakha, Kritika, Utarafalguni, Uttrasadha, Uttravadrapad, Rohini, Raivti, Mrighshira, Jyeshtha, Pushya is present on the day of performing Yajna, then it will auspicious.

Assessment of Ascendant for yajna Muhurat
We also have to consider the auspicious Muhurat for Ascendant for performing Yajnas. In this concern when Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces signs are located in the Ascendant or Navmansh, and Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are located in the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh house, and eighth house is vacant, then it makes an auspicious Yoga to perform Yajnas.

Assessment of Tithis for yajna Muhurat
In Astrology, fourth, ninth and fourteenth are rikta tithis. Therefore, you should not perform Yajnas in these tithis. You can perform Yajnas in any tithis other than Rikta Tithis.

Assessment of Planet for yajna Muhurat
According to the principles of Astrology, Yajnas or fire sacrifice should not be performed on the day when Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus are debilitated or exalted.
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