Muhurat in Traveling : Yogni Niwas, Tara Sudhhi, Chandra Sudhhi), Ghat, Lagna

Yogini Niwas and Muhurat in Traveling
Astrology cautions not to travel in the front and left direction of a Yogini. Right and rear Yogini directions are auspicious for travelling. Yogini resides in different directions in different tithis.  Let us see the position of Yogini in different tithis and directions.

In the east direction Yogini resides in Pratipada and 9th lunar day.

  • On the third and eleventh lunar days Yogini is in the south-east direction.

  • Yogini is located in the south direction on the fifth and thirteenth lunar days.

  • On the fourth and twelfth lunar days Yogini places itself in the south-west direction.

  • There is a Yogini in the west direction on the sixth and fourteenth lunar days.

  • On the seventh and full Moon day Yogini resides in the north-east direction.

  • Yogini in the north direction can be seen during its transition in the second and tenth lunar days.

  • During the eighth and new Moon day Yogini can be seen in the north-east direction.

  • Astrology says that a person should avoid a front faced and left Yogini direction while undertaking a journey.

Purification of star and Muhurat in Traveling
Don’t set for a journey on the first, third, fifth, seventh, tenth, twelfth, fourteenth, sixteenth, nineteenth, twenty first, twenty third and twenty fifth nakshatra from your birth nakshatra. Astrology says that travelling in these days may create huge problems, and so one should evade selecting these days for travelling. This is also known as purification of star.

Purification of Moon and Muhurat in Traveling
Before commencing a journey it is important to consider the purification of star. Moon is auspicious in the third, sixth, tenth, eleventh, first and seventh sign from your birth Moon sign. But if Moon transits through fourth, eighth or twelfth sign then the journey should be cancelled immediately. A person can resist Chandra Dosha by avoiding these situations.

A person should specially avoid travelling in the Ghaat month on the basis of his or her birth sign. Traveling is not auspicious in Falgun month if you are a Leo, if Capricorn then on Saturdays of Moon sign, the first and third quarter of the Mula nakshatra and on the eighth and thirteenth lunar days.

Natives of this sign should also avoid traveling during Capricorn lagna as ghaat may afflict the day. In these ways natives of other signs should judge the ghaat before commencing a tour.

Ascendant (lagna) and Muhurat in Traveling
If your journey direction has the Ascendant or the sign in the same direction then it is a favorable condition for your journey.

For example, if you want to travel in the east direction then Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Ascendant and signs are auspicious in the chosen direction. Similarly, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo Ascendant and signs are good for traveling in the south direction, for west direction Gemini and Libra and to travel northwards Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Ascendant and signs are good.

A person can get favorable results if the muhurat of his journey contains his birth sign and Ascendant. A person gets success in his journey if he is a Sagittarian with Aries as Ascendant or Sagittarian Ascendant and sign, or Sagittarian sign and Aries Ascendant.

Vargottam Ascendant and Moon is also auspicious for traveling. It is considered very inauspicious if a favorable planet occupies the Kendra house (1, 4, 7, and 10) and triangle (5 and 9) along with a malefic planet in the third, sixth and eleventh house in the Vargottam combination.
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