Jupiter According to the KP Astrology

Jupiter is considered as the most auspicious planet in the krishnamurthi system of Astrology. It gives success and progress in auspicious tasks. Planets accord the place next to god to Jupiter. Jupiter is the karak planet of knowledge and religion. It is also considered as the Chief Minister among all the planets. Jupiter is as auspicious as god because it gives auspicious results of the houses which it aspects.

Natural Qualities of Jupiter according to the KP Astrology
Devotion, worship, religion are among the natural qualities of Jupiter. Social activities, respect, honor and nobility of the person are also analysed from Jupiter. Jupiter also gives the happiness of children and pilgrimage. The sign of Jupiter falls in the ninth house and twelfth house of the birthchart of kaal-purush. Therefore the relation of Jupiter is especially with religion and salvation.

Jupiter is accorded a god figure. When the sign of Jupiter is in the ninth house in the birthchart of Kaalpurush the person is capable to make wise judgment. Jupiter is also analysed to resolve legal matters. It is calm and composed fin nature. The person who has the strong influence of Jupiter in his birthchart is calm, gentle and does not harm anyone. Jupiter is also a good adviser and guide. Jupiter gives auspicious results during auspicious events and occasions. The auspiciousness of Jupiter helps increase the prosperity and happiness of the family.

Influence of Jupiter on the human Body according to the KP Astrology
Jupiter influence knees and heels among the different parts of body. When these body parts are affected by any disease the position of Jupiter is analysed in the birthchart.

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Impact of Malefic Jupiter on Health
The inauspicious effects of Jupiter leads to increase of fat in our body. When Jupiter is afflicted in the birthchart the person may get warts, lumps, swelling or suffer from diabetes. The diseases which occurs in heels or thighs are also due to the afflicted position of Jupiter in the birthchart.

Professions of Jupiter according to the KP Astrology
Jupiter increases knowledge therefore the professions related to knowledge or education belongs to Jupiter. Jupiter is also known as the officer of all academic works. Those who work in spiritual places like priest and preacher are also influence by Jupiter.

The devotees who perform spiritual activities and the officers at spiritual places are influenced by Jupiter. The manager and trustees of educational institutes have a strong influence of Jupiter in their birth-chart. Judiciary also come under the influence of Jupiter therefore the profession of judge or chief justice are related to Jupiter.

Those who are into traveling, serve navy and runs the business of high calorie products such as pure ghee, cashew, almonds are influenced by Jupiter. The profession of publishing of spiritual texts and books also belongs to Jupiter.

Business sectors of Jupiter according to the KP Astrology
The influential sectors of Jupiter are school, colleges and management institutes. The spiritual institutes and the publication houses of spiritual literature and text also belongs to Jupiter. Jupiter represents calorie or fat in the human body. Therefore the vendors of pure ghee, sweets and oil are influenced by Jupiter. Jewelry designing, rubber and metal sheets also categorized among the sectors under the control of Jupiter. Trading sectors also belongs to Jupiter.

Places of Jupiter according to the KP Astrology
School, colleges, educational institutes, spiritual places like temple, mosque, church belongs to Jupiter. Tools, Vastu products, place of worship in the house and hall rooms also belongs to Jupiter.

Jupiter is one of the most auspicious planets therefore it resides in all the spiritual and auspicious places.

Plants and Animals of Jupiter according to the KP Astrology
Elephant represents Jupiter among all the animals. The plants of almonds, peanuts and cashew are categorized among the plants of Jupiter. Banyan tree also belongs to Jupiter.
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