Assess Your Love through Prashna Kundali

Love does not see any difference in king or pauper, it can happen to anyone in any age. If you love someone then you can assess your love through Prashna kundali.
According to astrologers auspicious planets should be located in the birth-chart for love. If you want to assess your love from the birth-chart then you can seek the help of Prashna Kundali.

Let us discuss the status of your love through Prashna Kundali:

According to astrology the fifth house is considered in girl and boy's birth-chart for the status of love. But the planets regarding love are different in the birth-charts of men and women.

To understand these facts you can go through one example: if you are a man and want to know about your love, you should assess the position of the fifth house and fifth lord. Moon and Venus are the significators of love in the kundli of men.

If you are a girl then to assess your love the relationship of the fifth house and fifth lord with the Ascendant and Ascendant lord is considered. The kaarak planets of love for a girl are Moon and Jupiter.

Love relationship becomes strong when these above mentioned planets and houses are located in auspicious and strong positions. These should be in conjunction or aspect the Ascendant/Ascendant lord. If no combination is formed you may be unsuccessful in love or you may not get your love.

The strength of Mars with Moon, Jupiter and Venus is assessed to know whether your love-life will be successful or you will live happily with your beloved. If the planet in the birth-chart is located in auspicious position or is strong, then you will successfully bond with your beloved and if the position of planet is unfavorable, then it may not give auspicious results in love.

According to astrology if Sun, Saturn and Rahu are malefic in the birth-chart your love-life may be unsuccessful. If the fifth house/fifth lord and Moon, Jupiter and Venus are affected by the malefic aspect of Sun, Saturn and Rahu, then you will get unfavorable results. Saturn is considered inauspicious for love as it creates obstacles in successful love-life.

Astrologers believe that the position of planets should be carefully assessed because love is a very sensitive subject and little carelessness in this concern can badly hurt someone's heart.
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