Impact of Shani Sade Sati on Virgo Sign

Sade Sati of Saturn is not as painful for Virgo as it is for other signs because Saturn has friendly relationship with Mercury which is the lord of sign Virgo. People worship the lord Saturn to get auspicious results during Shani Sade Sati  without knowing its influence for their own sign. Saturn is auspicious for Virgo and its results for the people of the sign Virgo are positive.

Let’s see how Shani Sade Sati  influences the people of Virgo sign.

Transit of Saturn through Leo
When Saturn enters into Leo sign during its transit then first phase of Shani Sade Sati starts for  Virgo. In the Moon chart, Saturn as the lord of the fifth and sixth house would be placed in the twelfth house. Under this Yoga, Saturn aspects second, sixth and ninth house from the twelfth house. In this phase, tensions and problems of the person may increase. This duration is unfavorable for his children.

His children may not support him and may stand against him. His enemies may try to defeat him. He may be depressed due to these problems.

He may face obstacles to accomplish his tasks. He may not get back his money which he lent before. He should try to maintain his morale in this duration. He may travel a lot in this duration. His efforts may increase which is why he may face health problems in the first phase of Sadhesati.
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Transit of Saturn through Virgo
When Saturn enters into the sign Virgo then the second phase of Shani Sade Sati  starts for the Virgo sign. Saturn is a friend of Mercury which is the lord of Virgo that’s why the person will get many opportunities to achieve success in his profession, but, he may not be able to incur much benefits from these opportunities. His seniors would not be happy with him. He may face financial problems in this duration.

In the second phase of Shani Sadhesati, he may get sudden benefits. He would be able to meet his goals which he made before. This time is unfavorable for his health. He may face ear related problems in this duration. He will form new contacts which will be beneficial for him to achieve success in the life.

He may be disappointed with his married life. He will invest his money in his business to expand it in abroad.

Saturn’s Transit through Libra
When Saturn enters in the sign Libra then the last phase of Virgo starts in the kundli of the person. The lord of Libra is Venus which is a friend of Saturn that’s why Saturn is exalted in this sign. This phase would be positive for him as compared to the last two phases of Shani Sade Sati. He may not have heavy work load in this duration.

He will earn good income which is why his financial status would be strong. If he performs his tasks intellectually then he will be successful to expand his business. He will be able to payback his loan.

He can start his house related projects in this duration because of good economic status. He will take interest in the religious festivals and activities. He should be careful from his enemies.
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