Saturn Sade Sati on Aquarians

People have many misconceptions about Sadhesati that’s why they blame Saturn for all the problems of their lives. Results of Saturn during Sadhesati are influenced by other planets. If these planets will have auspicious relationship with Saturn then results would be positive and if they have inauspicious relationship with Saturn then results would be negative.

Saturn can give auspicious results during Dasha, Antardasha and transit according to its relationship such as aspect and conjunction. Let’s analyze the impact of Sadhesati on Aquarius.

Shani Sade sati for the Aquarius Sign

Transit of Saturn through Capricorn When Saturn transits through Capricorn, Aquarians will have the first phase of Sadhesati. In the first phase, Saturn forms aspect relationship with the second, sixth and ninth house.

Saturn gives auspicious results to the person of Aquarius sign because it transits through its own sign. But, the person should watch his words. He will be harsh in nature and will follow the truth. His voice may not be soft. Due to this, his relationship with his relatives may get ruined. He should be careful towards his eating habits. This duration would be favorable for his business. His income will increase, but, he may misuse his money. He will take interest in the luxurious things.

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Transit of Saturn through Aquarius

The second phase of Sadhe sati will start in the Aquarius sign as Saturn enters into Aquarius. Saturn will enter in the Moola-trikona sign and it aspects Aries which is in the debilitated sign, Leo and Scorpio which are the enemy signs of Saturn. Due to this, the person may get mixed results in this phase.

He will take interest in spiritual activities and will try to increase his knowledge in the occult acts and astrology. He will strengthen his financial position through his performance. He will be able to control his expenses in this duration.

He may face some obstacles at his workplace and may get involved in the disputes. He would not have much interest in his married life and other worldly pleasures. He may perform Yajna at his home and may worship idols. He will also take help from his friends.

He may be inclined towards immoral activities. His younger siblings may face health related problems in this duration. He may get a transfer in his job, due to which his tensions may increase.

Transit of Saturn through Pisces

When Saturn transits through Pisces then the last phase of Sadhesati starts in the sign Aquarius. In this phase, Saturn is placed in the sign of Jupiter and they have neutral relationship with each other. In the horoscope of the person of Aquarius sign, Saturn will be the lord of the twelfth house and Ascendant, and will form aspect relationship with the fourth, eighth and eleventh house.

The person will get neutral results in this duration. He may become a little depressed. He will be a good speaker and will speak politely with his relatives and friends. He will take care of his eating habits that’s why he will have good health in this phase. He may try to learn new languages in this duration. He will also buy any land or property.

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