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Saturn is infamous for damages and injuries. It is considered as the karak planet of sorrows and disturbances. It is true that Saturn does not always give inauspicious results or it is only a malefic planet. But Saturn has always been blamed for all the mishappenings and problems in a person’s life.

Like other planets, Saturn also does not give same results during its Mahadasha, Antardasha or transit. With the change in the period of planets, the incidents of a person’s life also change. Thus, in this series we will know and explore the basic facts of Saturn’s Sade sati and its results on Sagittarians.

Saturn’s Sade sati in Sagittarius

Transit of Saturn through Scorpio
When Saturn enters into Scorpio, the first phase of Shani Sade sati in Sagittarius starts. Scorpio is the sign of Mars which is the enemy of Saturn. Therefore, the first phase of Saturn’s Sadesati is not favorable for this sign. The person may have increased expenditure during this time.

He may get mental stress and obstacles in his work. During this time, the person should drive carefully to avoid accident risks. His family members may get health problems. His savings may get affected. During the first phase of Shani Sadesati, he will have harshness in his voice. Yoga for long distance journeys is created in his birth chart.

If the person runs a business he may have to work really hard but may not get complete results and benefits. He may not share good relations with his senior officials. The person may get failures in his efforts due to which he may feel disappointed.

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Transit of Saturn through Sagittarius
When Saturn enters into Sagittarius during transit, the second phase of Shani Sade sati in Sagittarius starts. During this phase, Saturn transits through the birth sign of the person. The person may get favorable results if works harder but it may affect his health.

The person may want to increase his wealth. This phase may improve his married life. In this phase of Shani Sadesati, the person gets appropriate results for his hard work. He will make new contacts which may prove fruitful for his profession.

His faith in spirituality may also increase. The second phase of Saturn Sadesati is auspicious for the native’s siblings. The person is able to control his expenses during this time which will help him to get good results in profession.

Transit of Saturn through Capricorn
When Saturn enters into Capricorn sign during transit, the last phase of Saturn’s Sade sati in Sagittarius starts. During this period of two and a half years, Saturn is in its own sign, therefore it will not give bad results. But he may bear problems due to the excess mental stress and physical exercise.

During this phase, the person forms good relationship with his relatives and friends. During this phase of Sadesati, the person talks less and always tells truth. The person gives respect to others. During this phase, the person gets fruit of his work he may have performed long back.

The person gets his share in ancestral property. His household problems get reduced. The person achieves success in the profession related to writing and publishing. The person should look after his diet during this phase of Sadesati. He should be cautious towards his health to avoid complications.
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