Impact of Shani Sade sati on Gemini - Mithuna rashi

Saturn is described as the planet with pale eyes, debilitated aspect, cruel, aggressive and dull. There are many misconceptions in the society about the results of Saturn’s Sade sati along with its outlook. Some people are scared of Saturn’s sade sati while some are curious to know about the results of Saturn’s sade sati on their birth sign.

The person who is afraid of the effects of Shani sade sati worships Saturn but he is unaware of its actual qualities and characteristics. Before you have any misconception about Saturn and its Sade sati, let us here observe its influence on your sign. In this article, we will know and discuss the results of Saturn’s sade sati on Gemini.

Transit of Saturn through Taurus
When Saturn is in Taurus sign, the first phase of Saturn’s sade sati in Gemini starts. In this phase of sade sati, Saturn is in its friendly sign of Venus. However, Taurus is the sign of high expenditure for Gemini. Saturn forms an aspect relationship with the sign in the twelfth house from the second, sixth and ninth house.

During this sade sati of Saturn, the savings of the person may get affected. His business may also get affected. If he has lent his money to someone, he may not get it back easily. He may get obstacles if he wants to borrow money. Conflicts may occur in his married life. His enemies are active during this time.

During this period of Saturn’s sade sati, the person may become short-tempered in nature. He should watch his words. He should not get angry over small issues. During the first phase of Sade sati of Saturn, the person should be careful and act wisely while taking an important decision.

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Transit of Saturn through Capricorn
During this phase of sade sati, the person should be good to others. He may lose his focus at work. If he is doing a job, he may face problems and conflicts at the work front. He may feel disturbed and may run away from his responsibilities.

During this period of sade sati, the person may have high expenditure due to health problems. The person gets good results during the latter half of the second phase of Saturn’s Sade sati. He may get loss in partnership business. He may feel stress and his capability to work may get affected.

Transit of Saturn through Cancer
The last phase of Saturn’s sade sati in Gemini starts when Saturn transits through Cancer. During this phase of sade sati, the person tells lie with no reasons. He may bear loss due to his decisions related to business. Conflicts with subordinates may also occur.

During this time, the person should stay away from immoral practices like gambling. He may get profits in ancestral property. This phase of Sade sati may cause health problems to the native. The person of Gemini sign needs to look after his health and watch his words during the last phase of sade sati. This will help reduce his problems and obstacles.
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