Impact of Sade Sati of Saturn on Pisces

Often, people blame Saturn for mishappenings and problems in their life. But during the sade sati of Saturn, the planets running in transit, Shani Mahadasha or Shani Antardasha also influence the life of a person.

It is not fair to blame Saturn for all the malefic effects without analysing its position in the birth chart. Let us know what will be the results of Saturn’s sade sati in Pisces.

Saturn’s Sade Sati in Pisces

Transit of Saturn through Aquarius
When Saturn transits through Aquarius in the birth chart of Pisces, the native of this sign is under the influence of the first phase of Saturn’s Sade sati. In this chart, Saturn is placed in the Mool Trikon sign in the twelfth house. During this phase of Saturn’s sade sati, the person gets mixed results.

He may feel disturbed during the first phase of sade sati. He may get health problems and may have high expenditure. The person takes interest in spiritual and charitable activities. He is advised to think before saying anything.

During this phase of Sade sati, the native often gets aggressive and angry. He becomes stubborn due to which his relationship with his colleagues at work gets affected. In this situation, the person should avoid getting involved into any conflict or argument. Patience is also a key to protect him from all kinds of conflicts and arguments.

The person may not get the support of his senior officials during the first phase of Saturn’s sade sati in Pisces. He is advised not to disclose or discuss his professional matters with others. During this phase, the person may come in contact with bad people.

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Transit of Saturn through Pisces
When Saturn transits through Pisces, the second phase of sade sati of Pisces starts. This phase is auspicious for financial conditions of the person. During this phase of sade sati, the person works hard but the possibility to get appropriate results are always less during this time.

The person can get his work done with the help of his political contacts or his influential voice. But he prefers to work hard over making use of his contacts. In this period, the person gets benefits from his life partner or business partner. But he is advised not to start any new business project in partnership during this period.

Saturn’s Transit through Aries
Saturn’s Sade sati in Pisces starts when Saturn enters into Aries during transit. Saturn as the eleventh lord or twelfth lord transits through the debilitated sign of Aries. Saturn from the fourth, eighth and eleventh house forms an aspect relationship with Aries in the twelfth house. This phase is not very auspicious for the person with Aries sign.

During this period, the person uses harsh words and he becomes a little selfish towards his relatives. He should look after his health and be cautious towards his diet. The person may easily get influenced by the people of bad company. His friends and relatives may not support him.

He may get obstacles in the business projects which he may want to expand, due to which his wishes may remain unfulfilled. During the last phase of Sade sati, the person may get financial support from his mother. Due to the animosity of Saturn and Mars, which is the lord of Aries, he may get obstacles at his work.
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