Shani Sade Sati and its Impact on Taurus Sign

Saturn Mahadasa on Simha Rashi Native

Saturn is known by people for its rigid nature and justice, but, it is not true. The person can achieve the heights of success during Sadhesati. Actually, it is depend on the position of Saturn in the horoscope. The person will get results during sadhesati according to the placement of Saturn in the horoscope.

If any person has any misconception related to Sadhesati then he should forget it and analyze the results of Sadhesati. Let’s try to analyze effects of Sadhesatri on the sign Taurus.

Influence of Sadhesati on Taurus sign

Saturn’s Transit through Aries

Shani Sade Sati for the person of Taurus will start when Saturn transits through the sign Aries and it will continue till Saturn transits through Gemini. This is the first phase for the people of sign Taurus.

The person may face loss in his vocation during first phase of Sadhesati. Possibilities may occur to face various impediments in the job. He may become a little-bit stubborn due to this phase of Sadhesati. He may panic without any reason and may not take interst in the spiritual activities. If he will go on a pilgrimage then he may suffer from many obstacles during traveling. He may not get positive fruits from his pilgrimage.

The respect, honor and prosperity of a person may reduce in this duration. He should be careful while using any vehicle. He should take wise decisions in his occupation.

Most of his electrical appliances may get defected in this duration because relation between Saturn and Sun have enmity relations with each other.

Transit of Saturn through Taurus

When Saturn enters into the sign Taurus during its transit then the second phase of Sadhesati starts for the person of Taurus. In this duration, he may face some obstacles in his vocation. His work load may increase in this duration.

He may get health related problems due to heavy work load. He may not get results according to his work. He may become conscious for his respect during this phase of Saturn. If any student is suffering from Sadhesati of Saturn then he may face various obstacles to reap education.

He may not take interest in the spiritual activities. This Yoga may create conflicts in his married life and his financial problems may increase in this duration.

This duration is not favorable for the siblings of a person . He should try to form sweet relations with his spouse and partners in his occupation.

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Transit of Saturn through Gemini

The last phase for the people of Sign Taurus will start when Saturn enters into the sign Gemini. Saturn aspects the 4th, 8th and 11th house from this house. The person may not reap results of these houses during Sadhesati. He may not have much savings. He should try to control his eating habits.

He may face various obstacles in his married life and his business expenses may increase in this duration. Students of the sign Taurus may panic at the time of exams if they are going through last phase of Sadhesati. They may not be able to concentrate on their studies.

The person would make plans to buy a land or may re-construct his old house. He would try to earn money quickly which is why he may involve in the share stocking and other immoral acts. But, he may face loss if he will involve in these areas.
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