Shani Sade sati and its Impact on Leo Sign

The modern era is too different from the ancient times, but, beliefs for Sadhesati of Saturn are not get changed. Still, people are frightened from Sadhesati of Saturn. It happens because they do not understand importance of Saturn in their life.

People should not form any misconception in their mind for Sadhesati of Saturn because Saturn gives auspicious results if it is placed on the good position in the horoscope. Results of Sadhesati can be influenced by other planets.

If Saturn forms good relation in the horoscope then the person will be blessed with the auspicious results, but, if it forms conjunction, aspect or any other relation with malefic planets then results of Sadhesati will change.

Let’s see how Saturn Sade sati influences the Leo sign.

Impact of Sadhesati of Saturn on Leo Sign

Transit of Saturn through Cancer
Saturn Sade sati in the birth-chart of Leo starts when Saturn enters into the sign Cancer. It is the first phase of Sadhesati for the Leo sign. Due to enmity relation of Moon and Saturn, the first phase of Sadhesati would be painful for the people of Leo sign.

The person may go abroad and his work load may increase in the duration. He may face financial problems which is why he may take a loan. He may get loss in his business. If he is working in a job then he may be accused and face disgrace, due to this, he may not get promotion in his job.

The person may have conflictual relations at home. Sadhesati may create health related problems for the mother of a person. He may have an inferiority complex in his nature.

Transit of Saturn through Leo
The second phase of Sadhesati will start in the horoscope of a person of the sign Leo when Saturn transits through Leo. The person may face household problems in this duration. He may not be physically fit due to second phase of Sadhesati. He might not have good relations with his siblings.

He may live far away from his family. He may not get assistance from his friends and disputes may occur between him and his relatives. He may not take interest in the professional acts.

He should not get depressed in this duration. He considers everyone like his opponent. He should not trust others too much otherwise he may get cheated by others. He can take advice from others to get beneficial results in his acts.

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Tranit of Saturn through Virgo
When Saturn enters into the sign Virgo then last phase of Sadhesati starts in the Leo sign. This time is unfavorable for the family of a person of the Leo sign. He may face household problems in his life. He may take loan to stand his business because he may face loss in his profession. He may plan to construct a new house.

The person may get transfer in his job. He may not get support from his seniors. He may become very hard working but he may not get results according to his hard work. He may do planning to attain higher education. He may face some difficulties to work on the big projects, but, he will complete his small projects easily.
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