Mars According to the KP Astrology

Mars is considered the Military commander of all the planets. Mars is the planet of strength and enthusiasm. It is the symbol of courage and power and is aggressive and energetic. Those who are influenced by Mars have the capability to take new initiatives.

Effects of Mars on the Human Body according to KP Astrology
Mars is the karak planet of blood in our body. Mars rules the same body parts that are under the influence of the first and the eighth house as the sign of Mars is placed in the first and the eighth house in the kundli of Kaal-purush. Apart from the other parts it is also the lord of the Tongue.

People of Mars are well known for standing by their opinion and decisions strongly. The person who is under the influence of Mars is a powerful, influential person who possess leadership qualities, keeps patience during war and emerges as the leader in the workplace too. However, there is a lot of struggle in the person’s life if Mars is weak in the KP Birth Charts.

Impact of Malefic Mars on Health according to KP Astrology
Seasonal diseases, pimples, blood disorders etc are the diseases that occur due to the malefic influence of Mars in the KP Kundali.

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Influence of Mars on Profession according to KP Astrology
Some of the professions which come under the influence of Mars are security agencies, police, security guards, detectives, and the team leaders in industries, army etc. Surgeons are also influenced by Mars in theKP Kundali. Barbers, butcher and armed bodyguards are also influenced by Mars. When Mars forms a relationship with Saturn or Ketu in the birthchart the person makes a good career as a software engineer.

Business and trade Influenced by Mars according to KP Astrology
The person who is influenced by Mars in his KP Kundali may have a trading business of spices, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion etc. The person may also have a construction business or a business related to thorny plants, wood, liquors or alcohols and tobacco etc., if Mars is located in the tenth house.

The influence of Mars on the profession house helps the person get profits from real estate. When Mars is auspicious in the KP Kundali the person may get success in adventurous and challenging activities. Athletes and mountaineers are also influenced by Mars. All professions that require courage or strength come under the influence of Mars.

Places of Mars according to KP Astrology
The battle field, practice area of soldiers, police stations, operation theater, weapon-manufacturing sites, kitchens etc are the area of the influence of Mars.

Animals of Mars according to KP Astrology
Lion, fox, dog are the animals of Mars.

Plants of Mars according to KP Astrology
Tobacco, garlic, red colored fruits and fruits of thick and hard skin comes under the influence of Mars.
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