Krishna Janmashtami Puja Muhurat: 1st September 2010

This year Krishna Janmashatmi is on 1st September, 2010 on Wednesday. It will start at 10:50 in the morning on 1st September and will last till 10:42 AM on 2nd September. According to Shrimadbhagwat Purana, Lord Krishna was born in Krishna Paksha, Ashtmi, in the presence of Rohini nakshatra on Wednesday during the transit of Moon through Taurus sign during midnight. Midnight Vyapini Pooja on Janmashtami.

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated during midnight in Punjab, Jammu, Himachal, Delhi, and Rajasthan areas. The people of these states start fasting and worshiping on seventh tithi and conclude it by making donations and performing spiritual activities on the birthday of lord Krishna during midnight.

Morning Vyapini Pooja on Janmashtami
In many places such as Mathura(the birth place of lord Krishna), Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra etc., Janamashtmi is celebrated on Udaykalik Ashtmi which will remain till 10:42 of 2nd September 2010.

Hence, the people of these areas will have to keep fast on 1st September 2010 to earn benefits. Auspicious Muhurta for Fasting According to Vedas

On 1st September 2010, Moon will enter into Rohini Nakshatra at 13:19 hrs. That means, lord Krishna's birthday will be on Wednesday. People will get the glimpse of Moon on Janmashtami at 23:12 hrs in the night which is also known as “Moon-rise”.

People keep fast, worship, take a glimpse of Moon and seek its blessings, make donations, swing the hammock of lord krishna and perform other spiritual activities to impress lord krishna. These spiritual activities can be performed till 10:42 AM of the next day, 2nd September 2010.

Krishna Janmashtami on Wednesday
It is happening after a long time that Krishna Janmashtami is falling on Wednesday. This year the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami will be celebrated on Wednesday in Rohini nakshtra on Eighth Tithi. If the person keeps fast, worship, chant, make donations and perform spiritual activities on this day, he will get positive fruits. Activities to be Performed on Janmashtami

If you worship lord krishna on 1st September 2010, Wednesday in the presence of Rohini Nakshatra during Moon-rise at 23:12 hrs, it will be very auspicious. If you perform spiritual activities, you will get peace of mind and become intellectual. The auspicious donations of Moon are also made on this day.

Krishna-Jhoola on Janmashtami
If you adorn, serve lord krishna and swing his jhoola by placing an idol of Krishna in hammock, you will get auspicious results. Also, keep fast and worship them according to general rules.

Krishna Janmashtami is auspicious to celebrate on 1st September 2010 on Wednesday this year.
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