Features of Sun According to the KP Astrology

Sun is accorded the position of King among all planets. Sun is known as an aggressive and rigid planet which gives light to every one on the earth. Sun is also known as the planet of powers and politics. Those who are into politics or a powerful arena has a strong influence of Sun in their birth-chart. Sun is also given the place of soul and conscience in human body.

In the birth-chart, Sun is analyzed to assess the flow of energy and the strength to fight against the health diseases.

Sun is the karak of soul and resides in heart. Sun is also the king among all the planets therefore is capable to perform administrative work. Therefore, when Sun is strongly placed in the native’s KP Kundali he will be efficient in administrative and management tasks. Those who are influenced by Sun in the birth-chart likes to be occupied with increased powers and rights.

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Placement of Sun in Different Organs of Body according to KP Astrology
After its placement in heart, Sun accorded a place in the spinal chord among the different parts of body. Sun helps increase the flow of energy and enthusiasm within the person. Sun gives the strength to fight against diseases and analysed for the problems related to the right eye.

Nature of Sun according to KP Astrology
According to the behavioral pattern of Sun, it always wants to be powerful. It has the leadership qualities. Sun is also a disciplined planet and obedient of moral rules. If Sun is in the Ascendant house the person will be very disciplined.

Those who are under the influence of Sun have a very happy go lucky nature. Sun as the karak planet of energy dominates the area of electricity.

As Sun is popularly known as the king of all the planets therefore those who are influenced by this planet wants to occupy higher position in their professional life. But if this planet comes under the influence of inauspicious effects the person may misuse his powers. However he may get inauspicious results.

The King represents courage and bravery and is filled with these two attributes therefore the person who has the influence of this planet in this birth-chart is very courageous and brave.

Impact of Sun on Health according to KP Astrology
If Sun is afflicted by the inauspicious effects in the birth-chart the person may get heart problems. Due to its effects he may also be prone to high blood pressure, lack self-confidence and stamina.

If there is any inauspicious effects on Sun the person may lack strength and stamina to fight against his health problems. Sun is also analysed when the person is suffering from serious feverish conditions.

Sun is also analysed for all the diseases related to head. Sun is also the karak of Brain. the inauspicious effects on Sun may give the person increased mental stress or problems. Due to the inauspicious effects of Sun the person may have spinal or sight related problems.

Impact of Sun on Profession according to KP Astrology
The professions under the influence of Sun are Government Job, Government sectors and institutes, security sectors, energy construction sectors, controlling and monitoring centres etc. If Sun forms a relationship with the house of profession in the birth-chart the person gets success in the sectors mentioned above.

The other areas of influence of Sun are wheat go-downs, provisional stores, medical and pharmaceuticals stores etc. The person can also make a successful career in energy construction sectors or work related to electrical appliances.

Items of Sun according to KP Astrology
The items of Sun are wheat, Rice, millie, maize, grains, spices, almonds, cashew, peanuts, coconut etc. Besides these; injections, medicines, chemicals, oxygen and the business related to gold making and designing are also related to Sun.

Areas of Influence of Sun according to KP Astrology
The areas under the influence of Sun are forts, Shiva temple, government buildings, offices, energy construction sectors, hospitals, medical centres and industries, zoo and many more. Sun resides in Banyan tree and Sun is also the lord of lion and horse. Swan is also under the influence of Sun among all the birds.
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